Willy Satay @ Ramal Food Junction, Kajang

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This was probably the longest I had to wait for satay, but the 1-hour odd wait was well worth it. I am talking about Willy Satay at Ramal Food Junction, a satay stall in Kajang that I had planned to try since 3 years ago before their popularity exploded.
Looking at the number of grills, the long queue of customers and the amount of satay each customer orders, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could sell over 10,000 skewers everyday.


Customers waiting in line are notified of the estimated waiting time by a piece of written paper at the counter. Since you already expected the wait, it becomes kind of bearable. When I was there, the wait was said to be at 40 minutes; then it became 1 hour and 20 minutes before we left and the queue didn’t seem to dwindle at all.


There are four types of satay available here: chicken, beef and perut @ RM0.80, lamb @ RM1, while lontong is priced at RM1 each.


Even though the workers were grilling probably hundreds of satay at any time, the satay managed to come out mostly nicely cooked without too much burnt parts. So, quality control is definitely there. Unfortunately for us, the lamb satay was not available that day so we only had the chicken and beef satay.


Compared to the usual road-side satay, Willy’s chicken satay has thick chunky meat mixed with a reasonable amount of chicken skin for the juicy texture. It’s well marinated, tastes very delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed the tenderness of the sweet and savory meat that had a pleasantly strong lemongrass flavor.
The beef satay on the other hand is just above average and nothing really worth shouting about. I am also happy to say that the peanut sauce is excellent as well and not oily too.



While waiting we also ordered noodles from other stalls. The Mee Udang and Char Koay Teow (both @ RM8) are quite good actually and worth a try. If I had to choose, the latter would be a much better choice.


If you’re wondering, the noodles were ordered from this stall – Mee Udang Port Weld.


For those who haven’t tried Willy Satay yet but planning to do it soon, you might want to do it fast because their prices will be increased from 1st of Jun 2015 onwards.

Willy Satay @ Ramal Food Junction

Jalan Sungai Ramal, 43000 Kajang
Tel: 017-210 7008
Business hours: 4pm to 12am

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