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“Wong Chow” Dim Sum Restaurant


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Public holidays and Saturdays mean dim sum day haha! “Wong Chow” 皇座 is another popular dim sum restaurant in Taman Betek, Bukit Mertajam. It is one of the 3 Hong Kong dim sum restaurants I mentioned before. As you can see from this photo taken on National Day it was very crowded, proving its popularity among BM people. One is always bound to meet some friends having a breakfast here like I did yesterday, bumped into Sean Woei and Ah Liang :)

皇座 if translated to English bears the meaning of ‘Royal Seat’. But it doesn’t mean we can get royal service here lol, the workers are always so busy that you need to get your own dim sum sometimes. Besides serving dim sum, there are some stalls serving hawker food like wantan mee and curry mee too.

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Actually the dim sum are not outstanding, just normal stuff.. they used to be quite nice a few years back though (or is it because I have became more choosy? lol) Siang Leng and I had a pretty light meal, we only ordered 5 baskets of siu mai and chicken siu long bao 小笼包. A meal like this including 2 iced milo cost us RM15, quite expensive.. not sure if they raised the price due to public holiday. Tomorrow I will be bringing my parents to another restaurant in Butterworth for dim sum again lol (it’s Saturday :P)
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.479 E100 26.898

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