World Famous Roast Duck – Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant @ Bayswater, London


Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is world-famous for their roast duck and you probably already knew this because they have branches in Malaysia as well. And if you have tried their roast ducks either at Caps Square or Empire Gallery Subang I think you would agree with me that they are far from being the world’s best.
My first taste of their roast duck was a few years ago at their Caps Square branch and I never bothered to return (nor blog about it), as I feel they were overrated and pricier than the rest. But honestly, I have to say the Four Seasons at London is so much better – so much better that the Malaysian branches do not do justification to Four Seasons’ fame and reputation. What a shame, really. It’s like nasi lemak in Malaysia won’t taste the same in London too. So safe to say, you need to try the Four Seasons in London in order to appreciate the authentic taste of their roast duck.


Roasted Duck Drumstick Rice @ 6GBP – my most comforting meal I was in London because I missed Chinese food (and rice) badly. For that price it could probably buy you a fish and chips at a local pub, or maybe a kebab so I guess the price is justified. Plus, the duck used by Four Seasons is from Ireland and is visibly meatier, easily double the portion of what we would usually get here. It was very delicious, not without faults tough, as I felt the sauce tasted too sweet.


The ducks are stuffed with herbs and secret spices and then submerged in a mixture of maltose syrup and vinegar, then roasted in the oven for approximately 45-60 minutes at a very high temperature. Among their three branches in London, more than 700 ducks could be prepared in a week due to their popularity.


We also had a go at their roast pork, which is served in huge chunks and had an excellent crackling. Taste wise they were pretty fantastic too, as the pork skin had been pricked for the marination to better penetrate the meat over 24 hours. The effort and time that went into the roasted pork is really something worth mentioning.


Another reason why we chose to eat at Four Seasons was because it is only like a street away from where we stayed (Malaysia Hall) at Bayswater. So if you are planning to visit London soon and looking for reasonable priced accomodation the Malaysia Hall is highly recommended. Compared to the other B&Bs, you get a room all to yourself with a personal shower and toilet attached too. And the nearest tube station (Bayswater) is just 5-10 min by foot.

Four Seasons (Bayswater)
84 Queensway, Bayswater, London, W2 3RL

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    • We didn’t try Gold Mine, as there were so many roast duck restaurants in London.. so we decided to play safe and ate at the more “recognized” one. It’s a pity we only knew there are others which are said to be better after talking to other Malaysians there

  1. Well other than Roast Duck, the food in general at Gold Mine is much better than Four Seasons because the chefs used to be at Four Seasons. HOWEVER, a lot of people mistook the fact about the Roast Duck, the original Roast Duck chef is STILL at the bayswater four seasons and he’s the old man. Sometimes the roast duck doesn’t taste as nice because the old man have an apprentice young man who makes the duck as well certain times.
    So far, I haven’t tasted any roast duck better than four seasons at its best, but I have heard better ones, gonna try them soon.

  2. Agreed!!!!!! Never appreciate that every time I went, n now as compare to some of the locals….. no where near four season in London.


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