Yakiniku Toraji’s Improved Premium Course @ Isetan The Japan Store

Yakiniku Toraji New Premium Course KL
Yakiniku Toraji New Premium Course KL

Due to changes in the currency exchange rate between the ringgit and the yen, Yakiniku Toraji has improved their signature premium course menu (while retaining the original price) to correctly reflect its true value. Not only the course will include more meat, some of the existing items have been upgraded as well.

Yakiniku Toraji New Premium Course KL
Yakiniku Toraji Wagyu Beef Sushi

For example, you will now receive 2 pieces of Wagyu beef nigiri – one from Japan (left) and the other from Australia. Previously, one of them was prepared using Australian Harami.
As expected, the sushi were delicious and you can tell there’s a subtle difference in their appearance and flavor. The Japanese Wagyu beef had an almost pink color due to higher amount of fat and tasted slightly richer too.

Yakiniku Toraji Premium Course Side Dishes

The assorted appetizers pretty much remained the same, except that the kimchi now comes with additional Japanese yam and Toraji flower root, both prepared personally by Master Chef Hyonsok. He is extremely hands on in the kitchen which explains the consistency in the food quality we have experienced thus far.

Yakiniku Toraji Pacific Lobster
Yakiniku Toraji Scallops Beef Tongue
Yakiniku Toraji Premium Beef
Yakiniku Toraji Kalbi
Yakiniku Toraji Harami
Yakiniku Toraji Extra Prime Fillet

If you compare the photos in this entry with those I took 4 months ago, the difference is clear. The Pacific Lobster is noticeably bigger, the portion of beef tongue is larger and the amount of meat has almost doubled.

Yakiniku Toraji Grilled Harami

Needless to say we were more than satisfied with the changes, but what really impressed us was that we also noticed an improvement in the food. The lobster we had was packed with roe and we enjoyed the grilled meat more this time around.
For us, it is not surprising to see restaurants to decline in quality (especially in Malaysia), but for one to improve, that’s actually very rare.

Yakiniku Toraji Korean Cold Noodle

Personally, I would recommend picking the Korean cold noodle over the stone pot rice. A refreshingly cold noodle is a better follow up than a piping hot bowl of rice. Not to mention it’s absolutely delicious.

Yakiniku Toraji Wasabi Ice Cream

For dessert, we had their homemade Sweet Potato Cake & Wasabi Ice Cream. The combination of various elements with contrasting textures, temperatures and flavors really tickled our taste buds.

Yakiniku Toraji Special Lunch Sets
Yakiniku Toraji Grilled Beef

Lastly, you definitely would not want to miss Yakiniku Toraji’s weekday set lunch. There are two types, one comes with marinated Wagyu beef at RM30 (limited to 10 sets a day) and the other is served with Australian beef (no limit) at RM40. Every set is also accompanied by an appetizer, rice, salad and soup. Trust me, it’s super worth it.

Yakiniku Toraji Isetan The Japan Store KL

Yakiniku Toraji @ Isetan The Japan Store

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