Yakotaya Japanese Dining @ Metro Prima, Kepong

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For an area that is surrounded by BBQ steamboat restaurants and sleazy massage parlours, you’d be surprised to find a nice Japanese restaurant such as Yokotaya in Metro Prima Kepong. Looking at their menu, there are two things for sure: the selection is very wide but price is on the higher side.


Unfortunately for us they were out of Unagi during our visit so we had to stick to other things especially salmon. And boy did we order a lot of that. First, it was a portion (~10 slices) of Norwegian Salmon Belly Sashimi @ RM28.80. It was fresh with a silky smooth texture, absolutely loved it despite its expensive price tag.


A unique looking platter that caught my eye is Salmon Zukushi (Salmon Favorites) @ RM34.80, which is basically made up of sushi, rolls and sashimi all entirely based on salmon only. For salmon lovers it is worth trying if your intention is to try a variety of stuff instead of ordering them separately.


SL had the Salmon Teriyaki Set @ RM22 that comes with the usual accompaniments of miso soup, chawanmushi, fruit salad etc. Portion wise it is good so you definitely get your money’s worth. But most importantly, the salmon and the other side dishes are really good as well especially the chawanmushi.


Yakotaya offers the Gyu Tataki Nigiri in two types of meat – either the prized Wagyu @ RM69.80 or high grade beef @ RM29.80. I felt it would be a waste to savor Wagyu in this way so I chose the latter instead. Plus, I didn’t feel like splurging too. As you can see the meat is sliced into thin pieces and seared just on the surface to a perfect medium doneness, hence you can still taste the meat’s original flavor. And although the meat tasted a bit dry, I didn’t think of it of something worth complaining about.


If you feel Yakotaya’s food is good to warrant a revisit, you may want to consider taking up their membership that costs RM20 for life (or for as long as the restaurant is operating, heh) Members will have access to special discounted menu that changes every month.

Yakotaya Japanese Dining (NON HALAL)
Block C-G-10, Jalan Metro Perdana 3,
Taman Usahawan Kepong 52100 KL
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.965 E101 38.684
Business Hour: Mon – Sun (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm)

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