Yam Rice @ Taman Sentosa, Bukit Mertajam

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One of the must try food in my hometown – Bukit Mertajam is Yam Rice. There are a few good ones around and one of them is located in Taman Sentosa. If you are coming from BM town, Taman Sentosa is a small residential area which lies along Jalan Kulim on the way to Cherok Tok Kon and Kulim. This area also houses many good food and seafood restaurants.

yam rice

Basically Yam Rice is a type of rice cooked together with chunks of yam, dried shrimps and light soy sauce. If you are interested in the recipe, there’s a step by step guide you can use from MalaysiaBest. For most people who haven’t eaten Yam Rice before, they might not like it immediately.
But after eating it a few more times, it grows on you. So, Yam Rice is somewhat an acquired taste, well at least for me. I know, because I used to dislike it but love it now, lol.

yam rice soup

Yam Rice is meant to be eaten with a bowl of salted vegetable soup consisting of pork meat balls, lean meat, three layer meat. For those who are more daring, you can also opt for the innards like the liver, belly and intestines. I usually have my order without innards because of hygiene issues.
To fully enjoy Yam Rice, you must dip the meat into the chili and dark soy sauce – even if you aren’t a chili fan! If not you will be missing the ‘kick’ that makes Yam Rice nice.

yam rice stall

Taste wise, I consider this as 3rd best in Bukit Mertajam. The tastiest Yam Rice still goes to the stall below IBM institute in the town. 2nd best is at Taman Mutiara.

sentosa corner

If you didn’t know, Sentosa Corner is also the coffee shop that sells Ji Bao Gai and nice fried chicken at night. For the map, take a look at this link in Wikimapia.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.229 E100 28.330

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