Yellow Thai Food Truck @ Jalan Vista Mutiara, Kepong

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Usually when Thai food is mentioned, we think of those sit-down restaurants that serve a la carte dishes. But recently there seems to be a shift in dining habits, as more and more Thai street food oriented shops, kiosks and food trucks open in town.
In Kepong, a bright yellow food truck operating under the Vista Mutiara apartment is becoming a hit with the locals for its offering of various Thai street food. Do note that I did not mention the word “authentic”, I shall leave that judgement to you.


Some of the food are prepared fresh, while the rest are pre-prepared and packed in plastic containers. Even for a small truck such as this, there are four staff working on it including the owner (donning the blue t-shirt) herself. Only two tables are available and the seats are very limited. So most of the customers take away their orders.


If you could only try one dish, I’d say go for the Tomyam Bihun @ RM6. One thing about tomyam is that even though I love it, I can’t have too much at one time especially if it is on the sourish side.
Fortunately, the tomyam here has a balanced spicy and sour flavour with a hint of sweetness. That to me, is near perfect for my palate and I could really enjoy the soup. Not to mention the seafood tasted fresh and there’s quite a handful of fish cakes thrown in as well. But of course, this may be no match to your favourite Thai restaurant’s version.


Not feeling like having something spicy? There’s the polar opposite – Duck Noodle @ RM6. The light and sweet soup is pleasant to the taste and does not reek of MSG. But what really made the noodles stand out is the unassuming roast duck that was actually quite delicious.

Sago and Pad Thai

The Saku Sai Moo (steamed tapioca dumplings stuffed with chicken and peanuts, RM5) and Pad Thai @ RM6 are two of the many pre-packed food they have. We liked the chewy tapioca dumplings but the Pad Thai was lacklustre mainly because it was already cold and tasted past its prime.


For those who are eating here, a few condiments available for the your customizing pleasure include ground dried chillies, fried chili paste, sugar and chili sauce.


No surprise for guessing the selection of desserts available here. But it seems that they have a rotation for it because only Mango Sticky Rice @ RM6 was available during our visit, while red rubies (Tub Tim Krob) was available the day before.
Since the sticky rice was infused with pandan, it was extra fragrant and the mango (peeled and halved on the spot) was nice as well. The only qualm we had was that the coconut cream was not thick and rich enough.

Yellow Thai Food Truck Menu

The easiest way to locate this food truck is to look for Vista Mutiara apartment just further down the road from the ‘wai sek kai’. You can also use Restoran Rahim Shah, a nasi kandar shop as a landmark because the truck is operating just right opposite.


Yellow Thai Food Truck

Jalan Vista Mutiara, Off Jalan Kepong
52000, KL
Business hours: 2pm to 6pm (sometimes 8pm, until finish) Closed on Sunday

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