Yes 99 Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Kepong


One of my latest food discovery is Yes 99 seafood restaurant located at Taman Kepong. Being a neighbourhood restaurant, you could expect their price to be affordable and maybe even cheap for the quality you get.
They have a properly printed menu that features a wide variety of humble and straightforward dishes consisting mostly of poultry, pork and seafood. Despite the many choices, some dishes are still subject to ingredients availability. In order not to be repetitive, let me just say that all the dishes we had tasted fresh, delicious and served in respectable portions.

seafood restaurant Sizzling-Plate-Sotong

The squid on sizzling plate lined with banana leaf @ RM14 was cooked to perfection in an appetizing and slightly spicy Thai influenced tamarind sauce. It was served with a generous garnish of sliced shallot, cucumber and red chillies for too for that extra crunchy bite. Also available in prawn, fish or all three kinds of seafood together.

seafood restaurant Steamed-Tilapia-Fish

Minced Ginger Steamed Tilapia @ RM15 – nothing much to say about this, just a simple steamed fish done right. Very reasonably priced.

seafood restaurant Salted-Egg-Mantis-Shrimp

My favourite dish of the meal goes to the Salted Egg Mantis Shrimp @ RM12. Each mantis shrimp was well-coated with salted egg and deep fried to a crunch. You could even hear it crunch in your mouth while chewing.


Sesame Pork Ribs @ RM13 – tender with a sweet, sticky sauce. It was extremely flavourful and went superbly with rice.

seafood restaurant Signature-Tofu

Although the singnature seafood tofu was not tasty as the ones at Lau Heong, it certainly ranked above average in my book. For RM8 you get nine pieces of tofu which I think was well-worth the price tag.

Yes-99-Kepong seafood restaurant

The final bill came to RM77 that also included a veggie, 3 plates of rice and herbal teas. If you look again, the amount of food we ordered was actually sufficient to be shared among at least 5 adults.
So it is possible to enjoy a scrumptious meal of seafood and meat here for about RM15/pax.
Honestly speaking, good and cheap restaurants like Yes 99 is hard to come by especially during these hard times. So no wonder it is always full of customers.

Yes 99 Seafood Restaurant
No 37, Jalan Development
Taman Kepong, 52100 KL
Tel: 017-6933 860

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