Yik Mun Tanjung Malim Pau Coffee Shop & Restaurant

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I have probably driven past Tanjung Malim a few tens of times, but it was only last weekend that I decided to make a quick stopover to check out the town for some grub. Yik Mun is undoubtedly the most popular eatery in town – famous for their homemade steamed buns, coffee and Chinese-Muslim fare.

Yik Mun Tanjung Malim Restaurant

As you can see from the clock hanging behind, it was way after tea time yet Yik Mun was full of patrons. Some were having a late lunch (or early dinner?) like us, while the rest were seen enjoying their signature buns, toast bread and coffee.

Yik Mun Ordering Chit and Buzzer

I also find it peculiar that a coffee shop in a sleepy town such as this would have a full-colored ordering chit, and even a service buzzer.

Yik Mun Hainan Coffee Instant 3 in 1 Coffee

Yik Mun serves their own brand of Hainan White Coffee (hot @ RM3.70, iced @ RM4.30) and it’s unexpectedly better than some other well-known brands in the market. The flavor is bold and smooth with a low acidic taste. I guess the Hainanese touch really makes a difference.

Yik Mun Chicken Bun

Safe to say you can’t leave Yik Mun without trying their legendary steamed buns. If I remember correctly they have four flavors: chicken, beef, red bean and kaya, all priced at RM2.20 each.

Yik Mun Bun Filling

We only tried their Pau Kari Ayam, which is filled with minced meat of dry chicken curry minus the potatoes. The filling was aromatic and not oily at all; albeit slightly dry to the taste. Regardless, it was still an enjoyable treat I wouldn’t mind eating again.

Yik Mun Roti Kahwin

Yik Roti Kahwin Kaya Butter

Among the handful of items we had, this was what I enjoyed the most – Roti Kahwin @ 4.50. Despite being pricier than usual, it was deliciously crispy and the amount of of butter and kaya between the toast was just perfect.

Yik Mun Hainan Chicken Chop

Hainanese Chicken Chop @ RM17 – honestly I thought it was even better than what Yut Kee serves. But that’s just my opinion.

Yik Mun Fried Chicken

Fried chicken @ RM5.30 – prepared upon order so it tasted fresh and tender, a little under-cooked on the inside though.

Yik Mun Mee Kari

I liked the Mee Kari‘s unique gravy like soup but the yong tau fu toppings were not really my cup of tea. However, the portion was quite huge so it was deserving of its RM8.50 price tag.

Yik Mun Tanjung Malim

The next time you are driving along the North-South Expressway, Yik Mun could be worth a stop to recharge if you are bored of the usual R&R. At least you are guaranteed of good food and coffee. And since Tanjung Malim town is relatively small, it will take at most 10 minutes to reach the coffee shop from the toll exit.

Yik Mun Tanjung Malim Pau
1 Jalan Slim Lama, 35900 Tanjung Malim
Tel: 05-459 6006
Business hours: 9am – 9pm daily

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