Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice @ Medan Selera Bandar Port Dickson

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Food is not the first thing that comes to mind when Port Dickson is mentioned. But in this sleepy town there is a chicken rice stall that you ought to try. I am referring to Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice that was blogged by WMW.
Her recommendation was spot on but the lack of direction left us driving in circles looking for this elusive food stall. So do utilize the GPS coordinates I have given at the end of this post, it will save you a lot of time.

Yit Hin Hainan-Chicken-Rice

To be honest, Yit Hin’s chicken rice does not appear appetizing at first glance. It looks very different (from the ones we usually have) too because it is not drizzled with soy sauce and the unforgivingly spicy chili sauce has a dark brown color instead of the usual bright red. But all that aside, you can’t deny that this is a unique, homely and tasty version of Hainan Chicken Rice you wish you knew existed.

Yit Hin Roasted-Chicken

Although the rice is not of high quality and not as perfect as Chai Hong‘s, it is still well cooked – not lumpy and has a nice chicken stock fragrance. The steamed chicken is tender and juicy texture and even the breast meat does not taste dry. A special concoction of garlic paste and sesame oil provides the extra flavor and aroma. Anyway, my advice is to stick to the steam chicken only because their roasted version is pretty bad.

Yit Hin  Hainan-Chicken-Rice

Likes: delicious Hainan chicken rice, spicy and special chili sauce, friendly owners
Dislikes: roasted chicken, above average pricing (for PD standards)

Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice
Medan Selera Bandar Port Dickson
Jalan Pasar Lama, 71000 Port Dickson
GPS Coordinates: N2 31.387 E101 47.702
Business hours: 10.30 am to 4.30 pm daily, closed on Tuesdays

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