Yoke Heng Special Claypot Lou Shu Fan @ Serdang Raya


Few weeks ago, I went to try the famous Claypot Lou Shu Fan at Yoke Heng restaurant, Serdang Raya. Actually, I already knew the restaurant’s existence through an ex colleague about 3 years ago. At that time, claypot Lou Shu Fan was a topic we always talked about, especially during lunch time. Haha, can’t believe it took me so long to actually get to try it.

claypot lou shu fan

Unlike other claypot Lou Shu Fan which is usually very dry and dark in color, this has white-yellowish gravy instead. It is a very popular place for lunch among those working in TPM (Technology Park Malaysia) and Astro Bukit Jalil. But don’t worry, it opens at night as well because I had this for dinner.

claypot lou shu fan

I am still not very sure what are those crunchy brown stuff on the Lou Shu Fan. They tasted like lard to me, but some claim they are dried shrimps. Well, I don’t really care whether they were lard or dried shrimps as long as they make the noodles tasty lol. And the thick, gluey gravy with those ‘rat tails’ reminds me of shark fin soup with fattened shark’s fin.

claypot lou shu fan

Another thing that makes it similar to eating shark’s fin would be adding black vinegar as the accompaniment. I don’t know about you but when it comes to black vinegar, I can only associate it with shark fin soup lol. If you are wondering, a serving for three like this cost RM15 or equivalent to RM5 for each pax. Quite reasonable if you ask me, just that I didn’t really feel full after the meal.


Besides claypot Lou Shu Fan, Yoke Heng is also famous for their Chinese dishes like sweet and sour pork (Gu Lou Yok). One of my friend who tagged along for dinner ordered it which came wrapped in aluminium foil. I don’t have any photos of it so maybe I will return in future to try it myself. Yoke Heng is located along Serdang Raya road towards KL, just opposite BHP Petrol Station.

Yoke Heng Restaurant,
Jalan SR 8/4,
Taman Putra Indah,
Serdang Raya,
43300 Seri Kembangan.

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  1. hey i’m from serdang too. The restaurant looks familiar but i guess i never try the food there before. Now that u mention it, i’ll definately wanna try it :D

  2. Hi, I from serdang too…. The claypot lou shu fun was nice but it was number of years ago…
    Now the taste of the ‘the claypot lou shu fun’ not as tasty as before…
    U might try it if for your first time.. but the aluminium pork rib really good..
    For me..i wont purposely go there anymore coz the service provided by this restaurant very bad even i been there few times.

  3. a little late comment just to give my opinion as of this date. I agree with Vpig. The lou shu fun is starchy and not good at all compared to what it used to be. The service is just shitty. They don’t pay much attention to you even when there is not many customers around

  4. To our valued customer,

    1st of all, we apologize for the food quality and service which you faced before in our restaurant.

    Our food quality is made according to populance’s taste. Meanwhile, service is provided as best as we could.

    we appreciate to everyone of your ” COMMENTS” which we will put more attention to maximize customer’s satisfaction.

    Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at yokeheng_1995@yahoo.com.my, if you have any suggention pertaining to our ” food or service”.

    Your action is much appreciated.

    The Management

    Yoke Heng Rest


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