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Yuen Kee Home Town Steamed Fish @ Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, PJ


To cook the Dragon Tiger Grouper I got from MySeafoodMart, we brought it to Yuen Kee Home Town steamed fish restaurant at Sunwaymas Commercial Centre (next to Aman Suria). I had dinner here once and was quite impressed with their signature home town steamed fish, so I guess it’d do justice to my precious fish too.

Yuen Kee Steamed-Grouper-Fish

There are other styles of steaming fish available here such as Nyonya, bean paste and minced ginger with scallion. But when you have a fish so fresh, you’d want to keep the seasoning to a minimum hence we opted for their signature steaming style – 家乡蒸. It is basically soya sauce based with a seasoning mixture of minced ginger, caramelized onions and bird’s eye chili for an added kick.
We were pleased with how the fish turned out. It was delicious and the texture of the flesh was very similar to normal grouper – sweet and smooth but firmer to bite. We were charged RM30 for the cleaning and cooking services, which I thought was a fair price to pay. FYI, the Dragon Tiger Grouper is currently priced at RM65/kg at MySeafoodMart.

Yuen Kee Salted-Egg-Prawns

I also took some soft-shell prawns (also by MySeafoodMart) here to be cooked. I actually had salted egg style in mind so when I was suggested the same thing by the ladyboss, I agreed immediately.
Eating soft-shell prawns is hassle free, as you could enjoy it whole without having to remove its shell. Because of that, the salted egg coating remains and there’d be no loss of flavour at all. Everyone enjoyed this dish and commended on the freshness of the prawns although they had spent a few days in my freezer. We paid RM25 for the ingredients and cooking services.

Yuen Kee Superior-Soup-Lala

The clams in superior soup (上汤啦啦) @ RM30 was decent at best. I feel the soup lacked the Chinese wine fragrance. That being said, the portion was worth the price tag considering the generous amount of clams given.

Yuen Kee Curry-Mutton-Ribs

Besides seafood, Yuen Kee also has a couple of other signature dishes that are meat based. One of them is the Mutton Ribs Curry (咖喱羊骨) @ RM28, served with mini steamed mantou. It certainly would not top your list of mutton curry but the gravy was well spiced while the meat was tender. A nice dish to go with rice.

Yuen Kee Yat-Ji-Kuat

The slow braised pork ribs (一支骨) @ RM32 was worth trying just for a taste of the unique accompanying sauce. It tasted similar to char siew sauce, but not as thick nor as rich. Personally, I think this dish would have been better if it was prepared with pork belly instead.


Overall, Yuen Kee is best at steamed fish exactly like advertised. If that is what you are looking for in a meal then you probably won’t go wrong here.

Restoran YUEN KEE Home Town Steamed Fish
No. 1-1, Blok M, PJU 1/3C
Sunwaymas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya
Business hours: 10.30am – 2.30pm, 5pm – 11pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Tel: 012-798 0503 / 016-697 1628

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