Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens Mid Valley City

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While everyone is flocking to the newly opened Hokkaido Ichiba at Mid Valley The Gardens, I headed to the more established Yuzu instead after gathering many positive feedbacks. Among the many restaurants in this mall that I found to be average at best, Yuzu managed to stand out as the better one, as well as ending my streak of disappointing meals at The Gardens. Although Yuzu is not cheap in overall (ehh, which restaurant at The Gardens is cheap again?) I still find their set menus to be worth the bang for the buck.


Despite looking nothing like what was shown on the menu, the Mango Soft Shell Crab Nama Harumaki (Soft Shell Crab spring rolls with wasabi mayonaise sauce, RM18) is still a delicious appetizer. The soft shell crab wrapped in the translucent ricepaper gives the rolls a firm and crisp texture, yet the inside is soft and moist. Clever use of mango helped to eliminate any oily taste from the soft shell crab too.

yuzu gozen

Yuzu Gozen @ 48 – a set meal consisting of assorted sashimi, assorted sushi, tempura and stone grilled beef served with egg custard, 2 small appetizers, pickles, salad, fruits and tea pot soup. The meal looks like a lot alright for a person but I felt it wasn’t filling enough for an average male adult. And I don’t think I have a particularly large appetite lol.


The assorted sushi and sashimi were good, no complaints here. Tea pot soup was flavorful with lots of ingredients like mushroom, ginkgo, chicken and leek – tastes so much better than miso soup.


But the main focus of Yuzu Gozen should be the stone grilled beef, which was cooked medium to retain much of its juiciness and natural flavor.


Isihiyaki Chicken Set (Stone grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce served with egg custard, 2 small appetizers, pickles, salad, fruits, rice and miso soup @ RM25) This slab of tender chicken meat is sitting on a heated stone that would burn if you accidentally touch it (pretty obvious looking at the sauce that is still boiling) Because of the caramelization the teriyaki sauce is thicker and sweeter but not bitter at all, just perfect.


The Unagi & Soba & Takigomi Gohan Set @ RM39 is a bit different in the sense that braised rice and soba come together instead of just normal steamed rice alone. The braised rice has a rather mushy texture with the taste being slightly similar to yam rice.


And of course the Unagi is just wonderful.



Yuzu looks small from outside but you would be surprised by the spacious interior of the restaurant.


We managed to keep our bill pretty low (under RM150 including service charge and tax) because we had the set menus, which have a little bit of everything. If you are going to order ala-carte then there are plenty of dishes that could exceed our bill in a single order like the sashimi and wagyu beef. Good thing the green tea is free here, so yay.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T-236, 3rd Floor, The Garden Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.145 E101 40.538
Tel: 03-2284 7663

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