Mitsubishi Electric L4 Grande – Large French Door Refrigerator


I don’t usually attend product events but when I do, it is because I hold genuine interest in the product. I am actually planning to get a new refrigerator soon so when Mitsubishi Electric invited me as one of the bloggers for their L4 Grande event, I thought, why not? But before we dive into the nitty-gritty specifications of the L4 Grande, just know that it is a large and luxurious French door refrigerator designed to meet the needs of the modern consumers. These needs are answered with the five main features of the L4 Grande – Big Capacity, Easy to Use, Tasty & Healthy, Energy Efficiency and Luxury Design.


For the unitiated, sporting a French door means that the fridge is not separated by a middle mullion or frame. I did not know about this until it was explained during the product briefing. Anyway, this design serves more than just being pretty and all, as there is more than meets the eye.



Besides being a stylish innovation, the main advantage of French door is its practicality providing more spacious compartments. The conventional fridge would have difficulty in storing wide items like long trays and platters but you will be unlikely to face this problem if you have a French door style refrigerator. The handle’s design is well thought of too – the space between the handle and the door is about 3cm wide and should be more than enough for the average person to have a comfortable grip.


And here’s a pic of the actual unit without the props. The shelves you see are actually adjustable according to your needs. They are made with high quality tempered glass and are sturdy enough to hold up to 100kg – that’s a lot of food if you ask me.


A large LED digital display operated by touch is used to control and monitor the operation of the fridge. It also features a child lock control so that the kids won’t easily mess up the settings. If the control malfunctions one day, there is no costly dismantling required to remove and replace it – it is as simple as unscrewing the panel off and screwing on the new/repaired one. One neat feature of the fridge that I find personally useful is the door alarm system, where a beeping sound will be emitted if the door remains unclosed for more than one minute.
Eco Mode is one of the features of their “Energy Efficiency” concept, where the fridge could be configured to automatically lower the energy consumption hence saves money. This is very useful during times you have nothing much to store in the fridge, or when you are going away for a long holiday.


Do you always buy juice and drinks? If your answer is yes then you would have experienced not having enough shelf height for those that come in tall shapes. So you ended up tilting the containers/boxes/bottles in such a way that they would fit, albeit weird looking. Well that problem is acknowledged and the solution (incredibly simple) is incorporated into L4 Grande in the form of “Adjustable Door Pocket”. With this, you can conveniently adjust the height of the shelves according to store the different shapes and sizes of the food container.


Vitamin Factory is a feature only available in Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators and it aims to fulfill the concept of “Healthy and Tasty” through LED sunlight and humidity control technologies. When combined and worked together, they stimulate food manufacturing process (Photosynthesis) in the vegetables stored in the tray so they tend to stay green, crisp and fresh longer.
Next to the Vitamin Factory is a Utility Case that is always set at a temperature between 3-6°, ideal for storing fresh meats, dairy products and also for canned and bottled beverages. And as per the “Easy to Use” concept, a variety of sizes for the utility case is available to store different sizes of food easily.


There are many more features to the L4 Grande which I am not going to elaborate further or else this is turning into a thesis already. In fact, most of the things I mentioned above are the important aspects for me when purchasing a fridge. In fact, I already purchased a unit for myself two weeks later after their detailed and impressive presentation. So if this short review has ignited your interest in the L4 Grande, head on to your nearest Mitsubishi Electric dealer to see and feel the actual unit for yourself. Words can only express so much. Product specification as follow:

L4 Grande Specification
CAPACITY Total Compartment 710 Litres (Gross)
Refrigerator Compartment 478 Litres (Gross)
Freezer Compartment 232 Litres (Gross)
DIMENSIONS Width (mm) 950
Height (mm) 1820
Depth (mm) 764
WEIGHT (kg) Net 118 kg
FEATURES Anti Bacteria Food Liner
Deodorizer Type Filter
Vitamin Factory
Door Alarm
Door Auto Closer
Lamp LED
REFRIGERATOR Tempered Glass Shelf data
Utility Case 2
Vegetable Case 1
Door Pocket 4
Bottle Pocket 2
Capsule Door Pocket 1
Adjustable Pocket 1
Egg Case 1
FREEZER Ice Tray 3
Ice Storage Box 1
Freezing Case (Small) 2
Freezing Case (Medium) 1
Freezing Case (Large) 1
COLOURS Stainless Steel
Diamond Black

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