OpenSnap: A Photo Dining Guide by OpenRice

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Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to let your camera ‘eat’ first when dining out. Snapping photos of your food and sharing them on social media is no longer an oddity. Regardless of what others might think or say, it’s something fun to do and anyone can do it – as long you have a camera may it be a DSLR, digital camera or smartphone camera.
There are plenty of free mobile applications in the market that let you edit your photos and add more features to them on a smartphone. But if you are looking for one that also lets you find new places to eat, read real customer reviews and share your photos with your friends or other foodies, OpenSnap would be the app for you.

OpenSnap application

Upon logging into the application, you are able to browse and filter the restaurants by location, those you follow (on Facebook if you logged in via FB) and simply view everyone’s photos. If you have any favourite restaurants bookmarked, you could also see the food photos submitted by other foodies who use OpenSnap. Who knows there’s a new delicious dish that you are missing out? Simply tap away to discover new restaurants, OpenRice’s editor’s pick as well as your friends’ preferred places to eat.

OpenSnap Friends

Besides that, you can also check out how many of your friends have visited or bookmarked a particular restaurant. The more friends you have, the more information you will have for a particular restaurant. Ultimately, it will help you to decide whether or not the restaurant is worth a try.

OpenSnap restaurant finder

Now let’s say you are craving for Japanese food at Klang Valley, what you’d normally do is to Google it. But with OpenSnap, you simply have to navigate to the selected area then filter the restaurant by cuisine type. Then walla, you are presented with a list of options along with all the information you need, such as how far is it from you, address, map view and business hours.
And of course, since we all ‘eat’ with our eyes first, the food photos of the restaurants are shown first so that you know which interests you the most. Once you have made your decision, simply click on the map view and tell Google Maps or Waze to bring you there.

OpenSnap Map View Restaurant Finder

The map view can also be used as a restaurant finder based on the cuisine type and location. So lets say you have a craving for curry and are looking for Halal restaurants at KL’s Chinatown, simply zoom to the said area and the restaurants will be indicated with a location pin.
Besides reviewing its distance to your current location, you can also view the rating set by other foodies to see if it’s worthwhile visiting. This map view feature is particularly useful when searching for a restaurant in a big suburb such as Cheras or Kepong.

OpenSnap photo editing

Besides serving as a photo dining guide, OpenSnap also lets you show off your food photography skills. Simply use it as a normal camera app and edit the photos by applying some of the presets to make them more appealing.
If you are feeling creative, you can also insert some emojis to convey your mood. After that, upload the finished photo and it will be associated to the restaurant. Then, unleash the food critic in you and rate the dish accordingly. You may even tag your friends as a memory and share the photo on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

OpenSnap Malaysia

With OpenSnap, one could browse through thousands of photos of food in across the cities in Malaysia using its advanced search function. And every photo provides useful information that you need in order to enjoy what the other foodies in town are raving about. You may also find out more food article at OpenRice.
Even if you’re not really into sharing, you may also use OpenSnap to keep track of your favorite restaurants and make use of it as your personalized photo album. OpenSnap is available on web, Android and iOS.

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