RHB Insurance’s Annual Travel Protector Insurance For Frequent Travelers

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Would you like to purchase travel insurance? That dreaded question always appear every time you book a flight. It’s a tried-and-true method of selling and you almost feel bad if you didn’t agree to purchase. Sometimes you end up buying, but sometimes you don’t.


If money is not a problem, I guess we would all be traveling with insurance. In fact, with the best available policy we can get our hands on. That means travel insurance is actually a smart thing to have.
Speaking from my own experience, the longest trip I ever took was to Europe about 7 years ago. That time, I visited 12 countries over 30 days. Although I had the time of my life, there were a few incidents that marred the experience.

Prague Czech Republic

bed bug rashes

My new phone was stolen on a night train and I had to visit a hospital in Czech Republic after I contracted bed bugs in Austria. Can you see the rashes on my arms? It’s MUCH worse on my legs.
Maybe those mishaps were destined to happen, but what if I bought a travel insurance with medical benefits? I bet things would have gone a lot better after that. At least I would have been able to claim for my lost luggage and the medical expenses incurred. If I had the ability to turn back time, I would have definitely bought a travel insurance.

RHB Annual Insurance Briefing

For frequent travelers, having an annual travel insurance plan would be a better choice for economic reason. You will definitely save more compared to purchasing travel insurance on ad hoc basis.
For that matter, I attended RHB Insurance’s Annual Travel Protector briefing recently to learn more about their travel insurance. It’s a perfect all-rounder that suits frequent traveler because the plan covers the insured for the entire year – regardless of the number of trips taken.

RHB travel insurance medical travel assistance

RHB Insurance’s Annual Travel Protector (available in Advance and Supreme plan) gives you a comprehensive coverage from as low as RM0.80 per day.
Besides the usual coverage you’d expect, it also offers many revolutionary and interesting benefits. Here are a few that I think are worth highlighting:

  • Ransom payment as a result of kidnap and hostage for both overseas and local travels
  • Daily income benefit up to 60 days in case of hospitalization
  • Child care benefit like hiring nanny or professional childcare services
  • Unlimited 24 hours emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Loss of deposit due to abscondment or insolvency of travel agency – so you can purchase holiday packages in travel fairs with a peace of mind
  • Home care benefit – compensation of up to RM2000 in the event of burglary
  • Cost and additional accommodation, travel and communication expenses incurred due to loss of travel documents

RHB's Enhanced Annual Travel Protector leaflet front
RHB’s Enhanced Annual Travel Protector leaflet front

RHB's Enhanced Annual Travel Protector leaflet back
RHB’s Enhanced Annual Travel Protector leaflet back

Click on the images for full sized versions. To get a better gist of this handy travel insurance head on to the product’s official page.

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