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Last updated: 1 Jan 2010

prawn mee

Prawn Noodle / Hokkien Mee

  1. O & S Prawn Mee at PJ
  2. Dry Hokkien Mee, Taman Sentosa BM
  3. Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles, Singapore


Chicken Rice / Duck Rice / Roast Meat Rice

  1. Ah Choon Roast Chicken Rice, Bukit Mertajam
  2. Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls, Jonker Street
  3. Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken, Ipoh
  4. Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice, Kelana Jaya
  5. Chung Wah Chicken Rice, Jonker Street
  6. Wing Heong, Seri Kembangan
  7. Wan Li Xiang, Everyday Food Court Puchong
  8. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, Maxwell Food Centre

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

  1. Wai Sek Kai in Kepong Baru
  2. RM1.20 Nasi Lemak @ Jalan 223 – PJ
  3. BM Chinese Nasi Lemak
  4. RA Nasi Lemak, Kampung Baru
  5. Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah, Seri Kembangan
  6. Village Park Nasi Lemak, Damansara Utama


Western Food

  1. Ingolf’s Kneipe (German style)
  2. Ribs BarBQue Restaurant
  3. Chilli’s
  4. TGI Fridays
  5. Bumbu Bali at Bandar Puteri Puchong
  6. Hainan Lou at Asia Cafe, Penang Hill
  7. Caff (Italian) at Bandar Puteri Puchong
  8. Italiannies
  9. Maria’s Cafe, Damansara Perdana
  10. Engka Portobello Restaurant, Changkat Bukit Bintang
  11. The Pink Sage, Jalan Dang Wangi
  12. Moussandra Mediterranean Restaurant, KL Plaza


Japanese Food

  1. Tao Japanese Buffet
  2. Sakae Sushi
  3. Yaki Teppan
  4. Sake Room
  5. Matsuki Teppanyaki
  6. Sake Room Sushi & Lounge
  7. Sushi Groove, Sunway Pyramid
  8. Senjyu Sushi, Sunway Pyramid
  9. Kin Shui Tei, Tropicana Golf Resort PJ
  10. Sango Yakitori, Crystal Crown Hotel PJ


Hong Kong Style Food

  1. C-Jade
  2. Hongkie
  3. Hsin Guang Dong
  4. Max Gourmet

cheese naan tandoori set

Indian Food

  1. Sri Ananda Bahwan
  2. Al-Hambra Tandoori Palace
  3. Mumbai House
  4. Restoran Kapitan’s, Chulia Street

japanese buffet


  1. Tao Japanese Buffet
  2. Rasa Sayang International Buffet
  3. Tenji Japanese Buffet
  4. Munakata Unlimited Ala Carte Japanese Buffet
  5. Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel PJ

Ah Leng Char Koay Teow

Char Koay Teow

  1. Duck Egg Char Koay Teow in Bukit Mertajam
  2. Ah Leng Char Koay Teow
  3. Bukit Mertajam Famous Char Koay Teow
  4. Sister’s Char Koay Teow
  5. Joe Char Koay Teow, Puchong
  6. Ismal Char Koay Teow, Bukit Mertajam

beef soup koay teow

Beef Soup Koay Teow

  1. Famous ‘Acheen Street’ @ Beach Street


Dim Sum

  1. Wong Chow
  2. Sweet Paradise
  3. Soon Hong
  4. Tho Yuen
  5. Shanghai Ding Tai Feng
  6. Phang Key at Happy Garden
  7. Maxim Dim Sum at Taman Pekaka
  8. Pan Ki at Sri Petaling
  9. Eden Dim Sum City at Bandar Menjalara



  1. Bukit Tambun
  2. Prawn Village
  3. Great City Restaurant
  4. Mantins Shrimp Village
  5. Bali Hai Seafood Market at Gurney Drive
  6. B Lui Seafood
  7. Kim Hee Sharks Fin Seafood Restaurant, Seberang Jaya
  8. Uncle Leong Seafood, Ang Mo Kio

Penang Curry Mee

Curry Mee

  1. Night hawker centre in Taman Sri Rambai
  2. Lorong Selamat
  3. Swatow Lane
  4. Chulia Street
  5. Curry Laksa at Glenmarie, Shah Alam
  6. Lorong Seratus Tahun in Penang
  7. Sisters Curry Laksa, Puchong



  1. Sen Kee Satay, Kepong
  2. Hj Samuri Kajang Satay
  3. Nyok Lan Kajang Satay
  4. Pondok Satay USJ
  5. Haron Satay, East Coast Lagoon Food Village


Bak Kut Teh

  1. Hok Lai in Klang
  2. Lai Xiang
  3. Fong Keow Bak Kut Teh in Klang
  4. Yap Chuan Dry Bak Kut Teh in Puchong
  5. Yap Beng Bak Kut Teh at Equine Park
  6. Seng Huat (under the bridge) Bak Kut Teh at Klang
  7. Ah Her Bak Kut Teh, Pandamaran


Ais Kacang, ABC

  1. Kek Seng
  2. Swatow Lane
  3. Lorong Selamat
  4. Taman Jaya Bukit Mertajam
  5. New World Park
  6. Penang Road Famous Cendol & Ais Kacang, Raja Uda

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng

  1. Haji Mohd Mee Kuah Tokun
  2. Mee Jalil in Sungai Ara
  3. Mee Goreng in Sungai Rambai
  4. Hameed Pata Special Mee Goreng at Padang Kota Lama

wan tan mee

Wan Tan Mee

  1. Tua Pek Kong
  2. Chulia Street Mother and Son Wan Tan Mee
  3. Wantan Mee, Jalan Kuchai Lama

koay teow soup

Koay Teow SoupTua Pek Kong

nam heong white coffee

White Coffee

  1. Nam Heong
  2. Chatter Kopitiam
  3. Sun Yuan Foong


Steamboat/BBQ Steamboat

  1. Golden BBQ
  2. Hoi Tong
  3. Nagomi Shabu Shabu
  4. Restaurant Shabu Shabu, Bandar Puteri Puchong


Grilled Fish

  1. Portugese Grilled Seafood, Mid Valley Oasis Food Court

Hor FunLau Yu

More to be added soon, feel free to contact me to add more, thanks first!

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  1. ysNocturne

    I came across ur blog when i was checking for tourism in BM !
    Fantastic work! Bravo!

    how i miss the food there.. i’m stuck in kl and only get to go back once in a while ..u can hardly get a bowl of good curry mee here..sob sob..

    oh ya, maybe u can add the famous BM cendol into ur list. it’s been around for a long, long time..the taste, try it out!

    keep up the great job ya!

  2. Post

    Hey there ysNocturne, thanks for your nice comment. It is comment like yours that make me continue to blog. It’s always about the quality of the comments, not quantity that matters for me :)

    Actually I did want to blog about the famous cendol opposite Ping Ming school (said to be better than those in Penang island!) but it was closed when I went :( Talk about bad luck.

    I know.. in KL, their curry mee style is different, they use curry chicken’s gravy to enhance the taste. Penang curry mee, on the other hand uses their secret processed chillis!

  3. Jeremy

    Hey , I came across your website while surfing for Juru Autocity Lantern Festival. I really liked your blog, especially your passion for food. I’m actually a lot like you, so maybe if you’re online we can chat ( that’s if you have MSN, add me at chiean**** ).

  4. Post

    Jeremy – Hello! Yeah I have great passion for food. I hope one day I’d be able to pin point which place is good for what food whenever someone post me that question :P I am glad you liked my blog, I will add you in MSN :)

  5. christianne

    fantastic blog! I am really passionate about food too and will be off to Malaysia 11.12.07 so i’m trying to find out the most i could as want to see and do as much as possible. I know i’m going to go crazy for the food. I read a bit about nyonya cooking. first time i came across it was in the novel “The Glass Palace” (great book) .. I understood its a kind of cuisine that uses many fragrant plants and even flowers to cook with … however I can’t seem to confirm this with stuff i’ve been looking up on the net & in other travel books … any idea? Could you give me a list of food you recommend me not to miss? I will be visiting Sabah, Sarawak, KL, Penang I hope and east coast Malaysia not really sure yet … thanks a lot Christianne

  6. Post

    christianne If you are new to Malaysia, you definitely gotta try the following food:

    1. Bak Kut Teh – pork ribs cooked with chinese herbs and spices. Klang is most famous for good bak kut teh.

    2. Satay – skewered chicken/fish/mutton/beef grilled over charcoal, nicer ones would be in Kajang. However any road side stall ones are as great, just the price may differ from 30cents to 70cents per stick. You still could find 30cents a stick in Penang :)

    3. Char Koay Teow – One of my favorite food.. the best one IMO would the one in my hometown Bukit Mertajam, but I think you wouldn’t be here so you could try the ones in Georgetown – Kek Seng (penang road) ah leng, sisters (very expensive and have to queue) or the one along Chulia Street . The best char koay teow can only be found in Penang hehe.

    4. Ikan bakar (either local or Portugese style) – You can easily find this food in KL (very near to the Pudu bus station, you could ask around) or any Malay seafood stalls

    5. Nyonya food .. I think the best ones are in Melaka? I am not too sure..

    6. Ice Kacang – Shaved ice with various toppings like groundnuts, condensed milk, beans and cendol, very colorful looking.. The nicer ones are also in Penang, along Penang Street (Kek Seng coffee shop) or Swatow Lane and Lorong Selamat. The most special one would be at Kek Seng’s, you gotta try their durian ice-cream

    7. Curry mee – Best ones IMO are also in Penang. All hawker stall’s curry mee are almost the same to me.. so I couldn’t give any good recommendations (Chulia Street one is quite good)

    For Sabah/Sarawak I do not have too much idea, but their kolo mee/sarawak laksa/kampua/teh c peng (milk tea) 3 layers are must tries! And Sabah has very good and fresh seafood so you shouldn’t miss that too :)

    There’s just too many lol

  7. Namor

    Hey Vkeong, really like ur blog…. hahaha really the mark of a person passionate about food. I made a site called Ravejoint ( ( for food lovers in Malaysia to gather ) , maybe u should check it out.. post some of your food reviews there and link back to your blog for the full review…

    christianne : If you’re looking for food in Sabah… check out Ravejoint … we got like 488 food and 227 restaurants in the system and most of it are food in Sabah. oh u can check out another blog for Sabah food,

    Sorry for the many links…

  8. Amy

    Keep up the great blogging activities, thanks for sharing your yummielicious good food list. I am also quite crazy for food but just that my hubby is not so siau siau like me. I came across ur web while searching for PG hawker food, actually i try search for the ones in BM but cannot find till i was so lucky to get into ur web. My mother in law was here and wanted to bring her out for food. I was lazy to drive all d way to PG..hate the jam there. Hmm… now with ur help i have a list of places for her to choose.

    There are a few more place to recommend, curry mee at the old road to Jetty, is at the corner of a cross junction some where diagonally opposite the place sell alot of nice cars. Penang Pulau Tikus asam and lemak laksa some where near Tan Mark Bookstore sell by a Thai lady. If u know Kulim area, there a famous duck rice in Lunas.

    Adios……looking forward for more good food list :)

  9. Fuzzypeach

    Hi Vkeong,

    Great job. I am a food lover too from Penang. My husband call me “walking food dictionary”. I hope I can share with you also my “keng”(cantonese) food list. May be you can categorized your food list in different category ie. Dessert, Western, Chinese, Hawker Food.. bla bla.. Just a suggestion.

    Take care ya…

  10. Post

    @Namor, Thanks for the nice comments and the help out for Sabah food! I plan to go Sabah one day and your links will definitely be a great help!

    @Amy, Thanks! I will update this page periodically :)

    @jessgirl1111, Koay chap ah, it’s opened by someone close to my grandmother lo. I want to blog about it but I can’t seem to wake up early enough in the mornings.. I will try la :D

    @Fuzzypeach, Haha a walking food dictionary! I want to be called like that too one day lol. Please please share with me all your good food list.. I wanna hunt them down one by one. Life is nicer for me if I have something to hunt for :D BTW Thanks for the suggestion, I have already categorized all my food like you said.

  11. ys_nocturne

    u r doing real well here.. keep updating us with the good food ya..
    have u tried the curry mee somewhere along jalan chain ferry? i’m not sure how it tastes for u guys, but it surely tastes good for me. :)

  12. agnes

    hey great website, make me salivating…..

    just wondering, we are planning to visit Penang over CNY, would most of the local food shops and hawker centers be closed ?? That’s really my worry as I really want to taste the local food when I am in Penang ?

    Appreciate your thoughts and tips !!!!!!!!


  13. Post

    @Agnes, during CNY most hawker centers will be closed on the first 2 days. But some popular ones would still be open for business. The problem is, they charge double for the price and the food won’t taste that nice as usual, cincai cincai do one, any will be a lot of people. You can take the risk but I don’t recommend it :)


    Anyone tried the Beef Noodles at tHe Spring FoodBazaar, Kuching?

    It’s Simply the best so far. Recommeded to try the HomeMade Beef Noodle Special, served with beef balls.

  15. Evon

    Chicken Rice in Penang
    Can try the chicken rice located in Tanjung Bungah Astaka Food Court. Just opposite the Ingolf restaurant. They have a very tasty chicken rice with some extra dishes, (Loh egg, chicken feet, fish ball soup and taugeh. Business hour only from 11am to 2pm, some more cheaper.

    Opposite Ingolf, then I know how to go liao :D But only 11am to 2pm?? Is it because they sell out fast?

  16. Eunice

    vkeong, you forgot apom!!!

    Eunice’s last blog post..Nutella-Chocolate Cupcakes

    For apom/apong the nicest n cheapest one would be Apong Guan loh. He’s selling along Burmah Road in Penang.. Too bad when I wanted to take the photos of the apong he told me to wait 1 hour because got one guy ordered 50 pieces.. OMG.. Too bad lah haih

  17. Johnny

    You should try Capri Cafe in Lucky Garden, Bangsar opposite pizza hut beside magnum 4d. It’s a small, quaint cafe that serves good western and chinese food. Try the Beef Kway Teow and Lamb Chops with Black Pepper sauce. Generous serving.

  18. Adam_Leong

    I just tracked this wonderful only..hehe..anyway some of the recommendation of good food..but some of them have been eaten up b4 i explore your site..some of them is NOT nice at all lo…hehehe…i recommend some stalls or rest. in KEPONG..the place i grew up..
    FOR SATAY:-try 1 in Desa Jaya in Kepong (MCA Compartment)
    FOR CRABS:-try 1 in Menjalara in Kepong (REST DE FOODLAND)
    FOR STEAMBOATS:- try 1 in Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1-Hao Ji Steamboat (exactly in front of Jusco Kepong)
    FOR WAN TAN MEE:- try 1 in the wai sik kai near the kam heong lala that u posted up..the stalls place exactly OUTSIDE A HOUSE (quite ACTION)hehe
    FOR INTERNAL PIG ORGAN:-somewhere near the wan tan mee and also the fried lala…Look for a big pot in front of the stall…try le but NON HALAL only..
    FOR TEOWCHEW PORRIDGE:- try 1 in Jln Metro Perdana Barat1-in front jusco beside a optical shop..taste good on the hamchoy,braised chicken feet,CHU TAI CHEONG..but expensive..
    FOR MIXED RICE:- try1 near the market in Kepong..sold by few sisters..a hakka dish..CHAR YUK n KICAP Chicken a must..but only from 11.30am to 1pm something..abit ACTION also…
    FOR HOKKEIN MEE:- try 1 along Jalan Kepong Main Road just beside a fish tackle shop name KEPONG FISH TACKLE..just after the police station of Kepong..expect to wait..ONLY TRY HOKKIEN MEE..others TAK BOLE eat 1..
    FOR YONG TAU FOO:- try in Menjalara near the 3 petrol station..this restaurant is located behind these 3 petrol station..its a shoplot called
    CHAN CHAN YONG TAU FOO..big portion!!!
    N by the way, can somebody organise a trip of EATING someday?a 2 day eat 1 day burp trip?HAHAHA..

    vk: WOW thanks for your list.. you just gave me some new places to hunt for good food! HAHA!

  19. Adam_Leong

    Sorry le..written so long oredi..i really very long air..hahaha..hope u guys try it ok?next time write somemore..

  20. JCOOI

    Hey VKeong, i do really like and love to visit your blog. When thinking visit some places, sure will drop by here to hunt some hint for what to eat. haha! Keep it up.! I have one suggestion for you, if you could briefly show the way how to get it, and the rating for the food and price as well. it would be perfect!

  21. - c H i E n -

    hey! If you visit Penang next time you should check out the Wan Tan Mee sold at a place the locals called “padang” . It’s called this way because the stalls are all opened at the side of a big football field. The Wan Tan Mee stall has been there since my dad was a kid(he’s now in his forties), and the Wan Tan Mee is evergreen. Everytime we go back to Penang(my hometown), we definitely visit that stall. You cannot find any other better wan tan mee!

    – c H i E n -‘s last blog post..2 Years Back

  22. Kenny

    Just looking at your website, makes me think of eating all the time! Did not know so many nice food exist at every corner. I am Penang born , crazy about Assam laksa and nice Poh Piah. Any good recomendation in KL/ Selangor?

  23. daniel dass "foodfreak"

    Keong ,

    I think i shud suggest you to feature Tua Pek Kueh Kha (carrot cake) stall… tat uncle,..the old man , i beleive been seeing him for the past 20 over years… he operates from his tri-cycle from 7pm onwards if am not wrong…

    i havent taste any kueh kha as is anywhere… be it KL or PJ…

    tis is my sure stop if am in BM…..

    cheers !

    vk: Hi dan, do you mean the koay kak stall in the market there? Beside those pork stalls? I ate a few times before.. I feel nothing special loh.. maybe because I ate since young, haha

  24. lisa

    hi me and my bf also like to eat and find new places where we can enjoy ourselves to good food..recently i really wanted to eat dim sum and chinese food but as i’m a malay it’s hard to find one halal restaurant..hope you can help me. i’m staying at Kepong..thanks

  25. Helen Chye

    Hi Vkeong,
    I wish to recommend you a nice Restaurant in Bukit Minyak. Restoran Hand Noodles (QianRi Ramen) which located at Krico Superstore.(formerly located at Pulau Tikus).They are making & selling their own RECIPE Ramen, it is NICE & Tasty. Beside that the price also very reasonable. The have a variety of Flavour for Ramen. The Chef Specials are HongKong Style Seafood Ramen,Lemon Grass Chicken Ramen, BBQ Pork Belly Ramen, Stew Beef Ramen, Fried Oyster, Dumpling & etc.
    The address is Lot.34, Krico Superstore Sdn.Bhd., Tingkat Bkt.Minyak 9, Taman Bkt.Minyak, 14000 Bkt.Mertajam. Tel : 04-5017888 Contact person : Ms.Shirley (She is a Hongkies)

    vk: Thank you Helen, I will try to try it if I am back in BM :)

  26. Sa@aa

    wow.. vkeong u r great… so passion in food :p
    u can try d fish head noodle at cheras- gold fish village or tmn desa .. same shop… very delicious…

    vk: Thanks for the tip. I will keep this in mind if I going to visit Cheras or Tmn Desa :)

  27. Amy Lim

    Hi there ! This is a really good site for Food Lovers all over Malaysia…I’m from Melaka…and you should try our Malaccan Nyonya food and our very Best Parit Jawa Assam Fish Head located in melaka raya..:0) it is DELICIOUS !! yummy! I have tried the Tambun Salted Crab when I was in Penang last year and it was very good indeed…
    If you are anywhere in Kluang…do try the Beef Noodles there…it’s the BEST in Malaysia and Singapore :)
    Okie…till the next time…cheerio!

  28. ivie

    do u know where to get nice kuey chap in KL?

    vk: Sorry ivie I do not know. Koay Chap doesn’t seem to be popular in KL. But I do know a good one in Bukit Mertajam market :)

  29. eva

    hi, i was looking doe a photo of wantan ho. i love that noodle dish. hoppe u can feature the recipe. thanks and i like ur blog.

  30. vixar

    vkeong blog always is always so nice and upto date.
    just abit less of klang food entry =( mayb due to inconvinient of travelling..

    for klang food please check out under the food blog there =)

    vkeong u are always feel free to see what is the good food in klang and go and try them out! I’m pure Klangite, i have my words!

  31. clive ngu

    Hi vkeong… hav been hunting for food recently n really get quite a lot of info from ur blog… just wondering what would u recommend for area within PJ , damansara area…. i think i should start food hunting from nearby my place b4 i go further :P.. is a crazy sudden crave for food.

    vk: Hi Clive. For PJ Damansara area I can suggest you to try the following:

    1. O&S Hawker Center: Prawn Mee
    2. Sea Park Nasi Lemak
    3. Jalan 223 PJ Nasi Lemak
    4. Famous Seremban Favorites’ Char Siew
    5. Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice (next to Kelana Jaya LRT)

  32. GiNa

    :) Hi hi … I just discover your blog today and started to love it. I like to eat eat eat as well, but have no time to travel around to try those delicious foods. You are so kind to share the golden food information with us. Thanks ya! Keep it up … dont ever STOP lor! Cheers … ^^

    vk: Thanks Gina, that’s a very good encouragement for me :)

  33. Daniel

    Any latest food describtion? Any interested to my restaurant for this photograph session?
    Your blog seems like getting packed each day.
    i’m alocated in Mersing.J.B We got a popular dish name Dipped Coconut Shrimp.
    Lobster are cooked in high temperature inside a coconut to fullfill the taste of fresh lobster.
    Pls do not hesitate to reply for further enquiries.


  34. christophe


    O n S Penang Prawn Mee is overrated. so too the rest of the wannabees like champ’s naked prawns in centerpoint or that awful chow yang pale imitations in ss2.

    True Penangites will remember that the two coffeeshops – one flanking pulau tikus wet market and the other across along bangkok lane – have the best.

    kl hawkers put too much msg and not enuf pork to give it that special omph not forgetting penang has the best variety of fresh seaprawns that make this classic an un-copyable hit!

    i m alas a kl foodie and i must give credit where it is due – penang wins hands down when it comes to prawn mee! ENUF SAID!

  35. andy phang

    I went to restaurant yong tau foo chan chan on 27 September 2009 with 4 friends. All I can tell you is that the owner is very unethical in managing her business. I wasn’t pissed off by the poor service but rather the ill-mannerred accusation by the owner. I patronise this restaurant frequently and today I treated a group of friends to dinner. I ordered plenty varieties of yong tau foo and other dishes. After I paid the bill, I noticed that 14 pieces of foo chuk (7pcs round & 7pcs flat foo chuk) was not served. I told the lady boss, who was managing the counter, about the mistake. I was totally shocked when she commented that such mistake could not be possible. she also added that shortage of a piece or two may seemed possible, but not entirely missing-out the order. I am totally dissappointed with such unethical way of doing business. Hence, I am not going to visit this restaurant ever again.

  36. scubaholics.anonymous

    a WONDERFUL blog! i’m a food buff from the motherland of Char Kuey Teow and i love to hunt for good food! thanks for all the efforts and providing us with the insights and stuff! cheers!

  37. Regina


    I will be travelling to Melaka soon…. and I would like to visit the place that I was told is at the outskirt of Melaka.

    A place for Grilled Sea Food? which is very nice.

    Could you let me know the Name and Address of the place, and some direction so i can try to find my way there?

    Thank you!

  38. memkingdom

    Hi, Shangri-La (Putrajaya) Palm Hill Cafe is offering RM50++ for Lunch Buffer (from 12noon~4pm) until 31Dec2009 (Except 23~25/Dec).

    Do you tried it before, how’s their food served? If you been there, kindly post some photo & descriped their food quality here. (I may plan to go soon)

    And I been Shereton Subang (Now re-name as Dorsett Hotel) for their Buffet Dinner last month (October), with their 50% discount through Citibank Platinum Card. But very disappointed, they served very limited food. Lucky I’m didn’t pay full amount since it got 50% discount

  39. stephy

    my dad “big day” is fall on X’mas eve, mostly the restaurant were fully booked. Need your guys suggestion for a nice, delicious but in good price chinese restaurant at pj or kepong area.. thanks……………..

    1. May

      hey, is anyone been to Taiping recently? There is one and also the only one HK style Dim Sum restaurant is opened, I think the name is call Zhong Wah Hin…. the dim sum is very nice, some dishes even better than KL restaurant but much cheaper.. Its a must visit place…

  40. Tawwei

    Good recommendations with good photos taken there. Thanks for sharing this.

    I’ve realized that you’d never done any review of Johor Bahru’s food. I believe that you should have been to Johor Bahru as you’re currently working in Singapore.

    Correct me if i’m wrong. Cheers!

  41. yan

    hey guy, today i went to subang usj 16, there are a new open steam fish restaurant open. i went and try out. although is just a ikan tong sang but is really taste good. and the spicy & sour kai choy , ya the taufu as well. is a corner shope, there are a salon beside the restaurant. try out, name fatty tack rest

  42. fuiyee

    What such a fantastic blog, well done! The food and the photography is very nice. Between i hope you can visit Sabah one day, as Sabah also have a lots of delicious food that you may discover….gambateh!

  43. Royston

    Dear Vkeong

    i gone thru ur blog many and many times to review the food that you have aten, its very impressive that you can take so much picture to give us the experience. would you kindly find out the BEST “oh chein” (fried oyster) around KL . thanks



  44. Eric

    Hi to all Curry Laksa fans, today morning i went to Brickfields (opposite Pejabat Pos), there are a delicious Curry Laksa stall. Look like Johor Laksa. Check it out, the stall stated in name “Money’s Corner Food Court”

    1. Post
  45. rainie

    Recommand Kuching Kuching Cafe ~~Nice environment and Kuching kolomee & kuching laksa @ kuchai lama !! Kuchai maju 6 nearby K3K shop… ^^ Have a try ~

  46. sadhu

    Dear Guys

    I just tried out a Burger Joint Known as “Burger Royale” in Cova Square Kota Damansara PJ. I haven’t had burgers like those in my life. Its perfect and they really have good grilled Patties for burgers. I suggest to all


  47. Alan

    Hi guys,

    U must try out K3K in kuchai lama. Try out Penghulu Fried Chicken there. The Char kuih and 2 in 1 bread is good too. Recommended by Chui Ling of One day Five Meals. Food selection is better than Old Town and Pappa Rich.

  48. jon

    Hi, i recently visited a place called GeorgeTown Heritage… near mount Kiara. The Asam laksa was fab !!!!!! and the char kueh teow fried with duck egg too!!

  49. mrfoodie

    Wow, I love alll the picture you have taken. There is still so many things I must try when I’m next in Malaysia and your blog will certainly help me out!

  50. Squirer

    Hi vkeong,
    great reviews & great effort on your part, enjoyed reading your comments!
    been away from Penang over 20 years, can’t wait to return for a visit, your blog helps identify and plan my food expedition LOL!
    keep up the good work.

  51. CF

    Prawn mee @ Sri Sentosa, Old Klang Road in KL is de best. Shop is at the back of a shop facing market. It’s very clean. Try the pumpkin tong sui only available on sat. Off day-wed.

    Nyonya food Tg Bunga @ SS2 PJ ,same row as coffeeshop formally known as Chow Yang is best and really, really cheap.

  52. Joachim

    Hi Vkeong, I’m also a BM kia like you who enjoys good food, it’s nice to see you publishing so many good food in BM. I have some recommendation for u (e.g: Nippy Noodle Wan Tan Mee @Kuchai Lama, Grilled Seafood @Food Republic, KL Pavilion & etc.) Too bad i’m not a food blogger, haha

  53. Tony Lai

    For Food Lovers going to Ipoh, I would recommend 2 best food that I find to be best of the best…

    1. Chee Cheong Fun at Pasir Pinji, Jalan 5, they open shop at 1pm but you must reach at 12pm to get a number first, the que is very long. Simple dried shrimp CCF with sweet & chili sause with soya sause and fried onion. GREAT!!!

    2. Sotong Kangkong Ipoh Style with peanut sauce – Medan Selera Ipoh Stadium LOW KWAN stall no.38. His recipe has been passed down from the grandfather who has been selling since the old Ipoh Hospital food stall. They also serve great cockles and rojak. BEST!!!

  54. viv

    try the cheese cake at a food freak,tis is the best cheese cake ive ever had.i tired mango cheese cake,its unique in its own way,the cips of mangoes is inside the cake and gives a different taste.
    ate their roasted chicken as well,very malaysian :)
    then i found out who the owner was.. malaysian no1 comedian MR harith the nescafe advert fella ..
    wonder y the restaurant is not here ..

    1. Post
  55. HK

    Hi Vkeong,
    really enjoy reading ur blog and viewing ur photos especially when i m hungry!! =)

    btw would like to recommend u some good food..personally i think its nice just that its location is not really a hot spot so not much ppl know about it =) if u have time to try it then its a channel to share with more ppl! =D

    the herbal chicken soup misua and red wine chicken misua located at some kopitiam in taman desa. the stall itself selling wan tan mee and a few other choices as well. the lan mee oso not too bad…but the herbal soup misua only available fr tues-fri and red wine chicken misua on thurs and fri…i think its located at Jalan bukit desa 5 in taman bukit desa, its a corner shop!

    u may have a try! =)

  56. Sora

    hey vkeong,
    i found a nice pan mee place located at kepong desa aman puri area. if you’re free, you can go and try it.
    do you know jalan desa 2/2? right after you past a shell petrol station if you’re coming from LDP. This cafe is at the business district shop located at the right hand side of the road (opposite of the shell petrol station), 168 Cafe. There’s station 1, 99 speedmart, 7-11 nearby.
    The one i recommend is their dry pan mee. thumbs-up for a big dry pan mee for just 5 bucks! (price might be adjusted)

  57. DanTruman

    Hi vkeong

    Just here to share with you.
    There is a Town called Sitiawan, about 2 and a half hour drive from KL or 3 hour drive from Penang. The small town is famous of “Hock Chew”(福州) cuisine.
    At the center of the town, there is a Restaurant called “Pek King(北京)” restaurant, probably you will find all the “Hock Chew” Food there. You will have to try the “O Chean”(same with Penang oyster fried) you will find penang oyster fried is pan frying, but there, you will find the oyster fried is deep frying(don’t forget to dip with the local Kg Koh Chilli Sauce). Beside, you will also have to try the fish bladder in hot and sour soup(鱼鳔酸), “lu mian(卤面 in hock chew)” hock chew style fry noodle, and also “ang jiu mi sua(红酒面线 a type of noodle serve with local red wine)
    Beside the food, you will find a small stall just few minutes driving from the restaurant selling the famous local biscuss called “guong biang”(光饼 in hock chew), the biscuss is made by floor and then place in a hot clay oven(same like how the Indian Roti Naan is made)there will be few type of stuffing, but the most delicious is onion with lard stuffing. The stall open 7day a week but sometimes will close on sundaprobably not able to purchase more than 20 pieces if you didn’t make a “booking” i use to purchase 50 ~ 70 pieces if i go there, a pieces cost around RM0.60 if not mistake. the biscuss can store in freezer and if you feel hungry, just take a pieces or two, deep in a bowl of water for few second and toast for 2~3 minutes.y, you

  58. steve leong

    Hi vkeong, u should try out this ipoh kopitiam that is located at Pj section 14/22 right angle… thier ipoh coffee ,teh tarik, cham n fried rice or char kt also not bad… :) tq

  59. Karen

    Hey vkeong,
    i think this list you have is fantastic, i hope you dont mind but i feel i have to share this on my site too.. its just too good ti miss!

  60. James Thaddeus

    Hi Mr Vi Keong, Thanks for your blog on food edition…i love this.. it is seems that you have been to Kota Kinabalu for many times…Keep it up….well done!

    1. Post
  61. Vincent Ang

    Dear Vi Keong

    Guess you have been to many places to makan (eat) in Malaysia, was wondering if you have tried a small eatery located in Molek, Johor Bahru, Malaysia called Mama Nynoya Food.

    I been there many times and find the food rather good as compared to those in Malacca.

    Give a shot at this place if you happen to be there !!


  62. Kam Soon Cheng

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Kam Soon Cheng from Kuala Lumpur.

    I intend to build a ‘Cari Makan’ app for local people who is looking for Malaysia Food.
    Your current web portal might want to have those data to be accessible by your targeted mobile customer.

    The main features of the app:
    To track the geographical locations of the restaurant, where the user might wish to go for lunch.
    Provides name and address and type of restaurant.
    Display restaurant on a map.
    “Lunchtime alarm” – for busy people….
    User can re-sort the listing following their preference.
    Latest news from a restaurant’s RSS feed.
    User can re-sort the listing following their preference.
    Latest news from a restaurant’s RSS feed.

    ………………………..You can give your suggestion to enhance the app.

    By having the apps that promote your web portal data base, it will definite increase your business penetration.

    I intend to build the app base on Android platform, base on the reasons:
    1. The growing rate of Android devices is in accelerate fast:

    2. And there are wide range of different Android devices with different target price. Some entry model of Android smart phone pricing is consider affordable to those who cannot afford to purchase the expensive iPhone, especially for those migrating from Symbian platform. This will increase the Android user market share.

    3. It is still less numbers of apps in Android Market as compare to App Store, this will increase the app search visibility.

    4. I also done some search on Android market, there are not many similar app for Malaysia market, so it is great time to start now before others !!!

    Kindly let me know your though and we can discuss further on the possibility to team up for this project together.

    Thank you.
    Best regards.
    Kam Soon Cheng
    Mobile: 013-3527252

  63. nz

    Have you tried That Little Gerai at AU5D Keramat. It serves fabulous ribs…it’s meaty, juicy and the sauce is so nice. Maybe you’ve tried a better one but to me that’s the best halal ribs I’ve ever tasted….the rest of the menu is not dissapointing..

    Give it a try ya…

    Btw…I love your blog..this is where I came to know about Hameed Mee Pata in Penang, Tq.

    do you know where I can find halal roast ducks…..

  64. Trudy


    I love your blog! Thanks for all the tasty info. However, I’m only going to be in KL for a couple of days so would you be able to recommend a few must try dishes and must try restaurants in which I can truly experience the taste of Malaysia??

    Thank you so much!

  65. Christina

    Asam laksa and nasi lemak rendang ayam at Ocean Cafe in Jalan Tukang Emas/Besi (cannot remember which) is delicious also!!!

  66. Always looking For Good Food

    I like your blog as I can search for good food in KL & PJ.

    I would appreciate if there is a category or notation for ‘HALAL’ and ‘NON-HALAL’. This is too avoid disappointment when an expected halal eatery turns out to be otherwise.

    Lets do it for the MALAYSIANS!!!

    1. Post

      Hi, for the later postings I do try to categorize the food as halal or non-halal as much as I could. But some places which do not have halal certification I just put them under pork free category

  67. Lucy Chan

    Hey, thanks for the post- great pictures and very informative. I’ve tried many of the places you suggested- The Great City restaurant has become a particular favourite!

  68. ashid rustam

    Hi vkeong

    Im really interested with your blog and i would like to invite you to our events organize by BERNAMA.
    Can i get your email address or your contact number. If you are interested can you email to me or call me at this number: 013-3497309

  69. fanina abdullah

    I really like your blog! just found it today while searching for Raju’s makan place in PJ. Good to know!

    Looking from your list of eatery places, there’s not so much of Halal food. Since you are very good at tasting good food, why not try Halal food and list it in? Really looking forward for it! And hopefully to try everything in your wonderful list.

    Thanks! :P

  70. Gary Teoh

    We have brought some of the listed Penang good food to Selangor, simple concept by bring the famous good food to One location so everyone can conveniently enjoy. We now have outlets at Bandar Puteri Puchong and Kota Damansara. Come check us out, you will be happy to know how we have successfully work together with the famous hawker sifu to serve you their good food in One location.

    1. Post
      1. Gary Teoh

        That’s where you are WRONG, I think you should revisit to understand how we have successfully serve more than 160K customer since we started in 2011. The food is cooked by the original sifu in Penang, we then truck them to Selangor (can you imagine the water used for the soup comes Penang?), you would not be able to get anymore authentic… conveniently in One location. We don’t by their recipes, we have done ready made in Penang by the orginal Sifu, the only few things we sauce locally are vegie, eggs and fruits, we are known for this as local market in Bandar Puteri recognised this effort and frequently dine with us. We can proof to you by the agreement we have with each of the hawkers, we are allowed to use their branding, photos and videos, we have their location and GPS on our menu, the idea is to promote each other at different location, you can even see Penang One branding on their stalls and establishment in Penang, we hope to create more awareness of such effort to bring ACTUAL, AUTHENTIC, ORIGINAL famous food from PENANG directly. The hawker sifu will visit our outlets from time to time for quality control. We are the only One in Malaysia that actually does it this way to ensure the famous authentic food from various parts of Penang can be serve in One location, even the yellow noodle, Koay Teow, Lifun and Chee Cheong Fun is supplied directly by each of the hawker. It is impossible to get the Sifu himself to be present at our outlets, it would be too costly to put the bowl of famous food on your table. We are passionate in this concept and trying our very best to serve famous GOOD FOOD without having to travel 400KM to get them. Apart from many many Penang Lang, our regular customers includes Dato Wong Chun Wai – Chief Editor of The Star, Dato Lee Chong Wei’s brother and family, Dato Jimmy Choo, Axian and many more. We have many great stories to share since we started this concept restaurant, ie. reuniting long lost family member from the unique restaurant setup. international chef appreciating, many Penang lang feeling happy and recalling fond memories from the various stalls that we have put together. Come try us out again, we are still growing the menu, we now have 11 famous stalls from Penang. PS. Even Axian can authenticate our food as he has done shows on the famous food.

        1. Post

          You can say what you want, invite all the celebrities you want, but the fact remains that it is the foreign workers who ultimately prepare the food. And that is the fact. Which hawker stall in Penang hires foreign workers to cook? You tell me. No need to get so upset lah, you already get all the endorsement you need, no need to bother about a blogger’s opinion lah. I already said the food taste not bad what, what else you want? Praise you till sky high?

          1. Gary Teoh

            Only a true passionate Penangite will appreciate what has been mentioned, I wrote to you in respect of your blog and as fellow Penangites. FYI, We have wrote to CM Lim Guan Eng’s office for their support as revenue earn thru this concept is channel back to Penang, The food is not cook by foreign workers, the only thing we do is Char Koay Teow. I don’t need anything from you and won’t bother you again Bla-der and Kam Sia.

            1. Post

              Not cooked by foreign workers? So you mean the hawkers themselves go to your restaurant DAILY to cook it? Please don’t joke to me. The only way I could see things could happen is the Penang hawker themselves prepare the soup/whatever and you ferry it to your restaurants in KL. But the point remains, your food is still prepared by Bangladeshis. Are you saying as long as the basic ingredients are done by the original people the food will taste good? Then I challenge you to ask Bangladeshi to prepare sushi. Don’t bring the KL culture to Penang food, we are not blind.

              I would rather support a restaurant whose cook is a local and has enthusiasm in his work, eg The Wok Cafe and Gurney Delight Cafe, and not a businessman who aims to make money.

              Good luck with engaging other bloggers to promote your restaurant. I am sure there are plenty who are taste-blind out there.

              1. Gary Teoh

                yes, that is what we did, the hawker themselves prepared the soups, dumplings, Chee Cheong Fun, Loh Bak, etc and we transport them to Selangor. I did not engage any food blogger neither do I have bangla workers, you are the first one I have written to inform so that people who loves Penang food will know about our endeavour. FYI, The Wok Café;s boss James and his father had dine at our Puchong outlet as his father is a frequent customer to Lum Lai Koay Teow Thng at Cecil Street, which where we get our Koay Teow Thng. Bro, just forget this, I’m sorry that I have bothered you, I made a mistake. I appreciate your time, Thanks. PS. The hawker masters and me work together on this project in hope that they no longer have to hawker by the road side or food court one day and have a better days ahead.

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  72. Camille

    Hi Vkeong, Can you send me a personal message. We will be in malaysia soon & would like to get in touch with you. We would like to partner with the best bloggers in malaysia for our project. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!-Camille

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