3D2N Stay @ The Villas, Sunway Resort

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To celebrate the recent New Year, we checked into The Villas for a short stay. First time visitors will be surprised to find this private sanctuary within the lush tropical garden of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, which is only minutes’ walking distance away from Sunway Pyramid via some ‘hidden’ paths. This would be the perfect place for couples who seek to celebrate special occasions with utmost privacy – no babies, no families so no noisy kids running around. And with only 17 villas around, there would only be a maximum of 34 guests at any given time.


Just to be clear, I am not ‘invited’ to stay here and then write this post to promote them whatsoever. We actually own a SIVC (Sunway International Vacation Club) membership that we signed up with when we just started to work. Yeah we were young and stupid. Frankly speaking if not for the membership, I don’t think I would even consider staying here. But it is good to experience nice things once in a while, we gotta enjoy life sometime.
Anyway, this building behind the small pond is actually a restaurant-cum-reception of The Villas called the Pavillion. You can also think of it as your very own private restaurant, where you will be having most of your meals – breakfast, evening cocktails and romantic set-dinner (if you booked one).


Since The Villas is pretty much off limits to everyone except the guests and staff, you have to be driven in by the butlers. The best spot to park your car would be at The Duplex‘s car park. There are plenty of parking space here and it is free of charge as well. If you are not familiar with Sunway and could not locate The Duplex (it’s pretty tricky to find this place) you can also park your vehicles at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Then from the hotel lobby, you can take the hotel’s swimming pool, walk across it and follow this staircase which will lead you to The Villas.
If that is still very confusing, then the easiest way would be to tell Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s reception that you are checking into The Villas. They will know what to do and send someone to pick you up. Don’t worry about the parking ticket, you will given another one that looks like a room card that will let you get out for free later.


There are always more staff than guests at the Pavillion so you will be well taken care of. For the check in you are required to pay a deposit of RM300 (refundable in full) just in case you consumed anything from the minibar or ordered in-room dining. Pretty standard procedures for any hotels.

The Villas balcony

After that you will be whisked to your room on the buggy again. There are three types of villas here – the normal one which is simply called The Villa, Villa Embun that comes with a private garden and Villa Bayu, the biggest villa with the size of two units.


Our villa number is 111, also coincided with our check in date of 1st January, heh. There is a swing outside each villa but I don’t think anyone really bothered about it, it’s more of a decor if you ask me.


The first thing you will see upon stepping into the villa will be the private lounge and pool.


The Villas private-pool

It looks awesome, you can’t argue with that.



The Villa is huge and spacious, maybe about the size of an apartment. Basically it can be divided into three major sections, the private pool area shown earlier, the bedroom and the bathroom. So this is how the bedroom looks like, it has an oversized four-poster bed at the center and surrounded by modern Asian-style furniture.


Since you are pretty much in a small jungle there are a lot of mosquitoes especially at night. Luckily the room has an insecticide sprayer and a couple of anti-mosquito patches to keep them away. The bed is also equipped with a canopy of sorts to prevent the insects from flying in.


The executive writing desk is back-to-back with the bed. This is also where you would be connecting your laptop to the complimentary Internet. The speed is quite fast!

The Villas rattan-bed

A platter of complimentary fruits next to a rattan sofa-bed at the left corner of the villa.

The Villas rattan-chair

And on the right corner is a rattan chair for reading.

The Villas rain-shower

The bathroom is as big as the bedroom so you can imagine the space you have. I liked the strong rain shower a lot.

The Villas bath-tub

That aside, there is also a deep sunken bath tub here. It might look small on picture but it can actually fit two people inside comfortably. If you have the moolah you could even order some romantic floral bath here. All comes candle lit of course.




After you are done admiring your villa, it is time to enjoy the evening cocktail which happens daily at the Pavillion from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. What goes on here is that you will be entitled to some canapes and free flow of beer (only Carlsberg and Corona) and whiskey. Yay for those who can drink but nay for us who don’t. Oh well.



Although the selection is not very elaborate, food was fresh and tasted not bad considering it’s hotel food. In fact, I liked their Shanghai dim sum and cookies a lot. Besides canapes there are also one or two heavier foods like fried noodle and pasta, which could be filling enough as dinner. And thankfully the variety of canapes changes for each day so you won’t be stuck with the same food. The next day, we actually got scallops and grilled lamb, not bad at all!

The Villas board-games-area

Board games are also available here for you to eat and play at the same time.


There aren’t many things to do here unless you are willing to spend at the Mandara Spa. So we just went back to enjoy our villa after that.

The Villas-at-night

When the lights are lit in the evening, the place looks much lovelier.

The Villas private-pool-night

The same goes for the private lounge and pool area too.


Well, the meal at the evening cocktail was not very filling after all. So we ordered room service and got ourselves a nice Classic Beef Burger @ RM31. Looking at the menu, I have to say the pricing is actually quite reasonable for an establishment like this. The most expensive item is Wagyu and it’s priced at RM88, which is pretty standard compared a steakhouse.



For breakfast you have two restaurants to choose from, either at The Villas’ Pavillion (6.30am to 11am), or at Sunway Hotel & Spa’s Fuzion (6.30am to 10.30am) The former has less variety and concentrates mostly on American style breakfast while the latter is bigger and offers local and Asian stuff, pretty standard buffet breakfast you will find at other hotels of the same rating. So, I will stick to Pavillion if I were you. No harm trying both in the same day just to find out which suit you more though.
Anyway, to summarize my staying experience at The Villas, the good things are:

  • Friendly and accommodating staff
  • Spacious rooms.
  • Good privacy.
  • Beautiful place with great facilities.
  • Affordable in room dining menu, food is better than anticipated.
  • Comfy bed, strong shower, has everything you need so you just need to bring your clothes.

And now for the bad:

  • The private lounge is not as clean as it should be. I saw a few cigarette butts lying around upon checking in.
  • Nothing much to do here, TV channels are limited.
  • Due to the on-going construction nearby, there are a few spots of eye sores that reminds you are still in a city after all.

Overall it was a pleasant experience staying at The Villas and I wouldn’t mind returning for another stay in future as long as my SIVC membership is still active. We felt two nights was just nice to enjoy and relax here. Any less, it would have felt rushed while any longer would be too boring.

The Villas @ Sunway Resort (WWW)
Persiaran lagoon Bandar,
47500 Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

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