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Maxims Genting Hotel @ Genting Highlands


Ever wondered what is inside this building at Genting Highlands? For someone who has always stayed in First World Hotel, all I knew about it is that there are some shops and restaurants, a casino and a much classier hotel. And little did I expect I would get a night’s stay at the said hotel, moreover, courtesy of Genting.


I was there recently to help promote their participating restaurantsMIGF menu and a premier room in Maxims Genting Hotel was provided during my short stay. Needless to say I am more than happy about the arrangement, as Genting has always struck me as a company that treats its guests well, true if based on my personal experience dealing with them so far.

maxims genting-Reception

Reception and lobby area.

maxims genting Floor-Lobby

Simple and beautiful elevator lobby on each floor.

maxims Genting Room

maxims genting Premier-Room

The spacious and stylish Premier Room is well equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Well, except for Internet connection. Luckily I knew about this earlier and brought my Yes 4G dongle along. Turn out it worked well and I managed to get a clear signal even indoors.

maxims genting Fruit-Platter

Each room is given a complimentary platter of fruits for the guests to munch on. I got a bunch of sweet seedless grapes and two pears that day, I thought it was a nice touch actually.

maxims genting Bathroom

The bathroom has all the essential toiletries (shaver and shaving cream are also provided) so you won’t have to bring any if you are not particular. As for the bathing stuff like shower gel, soap, shampoo and conditioner, they are all of Aigner Black brand from Germany. Water pressure is strong with steady temperature so every shower experience was great.


Coffee Terrace is where you will be having your daily complimentary breakfast. It is one of the biggest dining outlet at the resort and could accommodate up to 600 diners at any one time.






I would be lying straight to your face if I told you the food here is fantastic. But honestly, the food variety is there and most of them are pretty good by hotel breakfast standards. In fact, better than some 5 star hotels I stayed in before. So no worries, you could definitely have a satisfying meal here.
Anyway, depending on season the rate for one Premier Room at Maxims Genting could vary from RM550 (low) to RM990 (super peak). If you stayed in Maxims during the MIGF month and had any festival menu at the participating restaurants, you would have gotten a 50% discount on the room, which translates to a saving of at least RM275. This offer has long expired by the time you read this but there is a chance they might repeat it in the next MIGF. So keep your eyes and ears open yeah.

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