Disappointing Stay @ Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa, Pulau Duyong (Terengganu)


Being one of the highest-star and highly rated hotel in Terengganu, I had big expectations for Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa. It was our choice of accommodation for our recent get-away to Kuala Terengganu during the Raya holidays. Overall, the stay could be considered borderline unpleasant – a far cry from what was advertised and expected. Ri-Yaz definitely has a number of things to improve on, some which are really just the basics.

Ri-Yaz Anjung-Executive-Deluxe

We booked the Anjung Executive Deluxe for about RM440 a night inclusive of breakfast – it is an adjoining unit to the Royal Suite boasting stylish features and equipped with a huge, luxurious bathroom. When we were checking into the room we noticed some plates and utensils laying just outside the door, which we assumed were used by the previous guests and left there by the housekeeping staff. Well, guess what? No one bothered to clear them so they were there the entire time until we checked out the next day.

Ri-Yaz Anjung-Room-Bed

Ri-Yaz anjung-room

A quick scan of the room does impress but upon closer inspection we found stains in the shower room, hair clogging the plughole and layers of dust and cobwebs on the air vent of the doors and windows. Even the water heater was malfunctioning – the water felt barely warm when we tried to shower later that day. All of these are not what you would have expected from a supposingly 5-star resort.






Ri-Yaz Pool

For us, the only redeeming points of Ri-Yaz would be the privacy, serenity and gorgeous swimming pool. But just so you know, even though Ri-Yaz is located on an island there is no sea view here, just the river view. Facitilies wise I think they are OK but the staff should be there during the stated operating hours. When we tried to use the gym and sauna in the next morning, both areas were still closed (even though it was already almost 20 minutes past the opening hour) and no one was around. We ended up having to wait after walking all the way there, quite ridiculous if you ask me.

Ri-Yaz verandah-restaurant

We took our breakfast at the Verandah Restaurant. The food is not bad albeit lacking in choices and the river view is quite a sight to behold. But there is a stupid scene where guests are lining up just for coffee because Ri-Yaz thinks one coffee machine is sufficient to serve the entire resort’s guests. Worse still, the machine is a small one and the ground coffee had to be emptied from the tray after every 10 cups or so. It baffles me how a 5-star resort could not identify this as a problem and fix it.


Although we did not have many bags with us and the walking distance to the reception is not very far, we wanted to avoid sweating and feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day so we requested for a buggy. But when it never arrived after waiting for almost 30 minutes, I just thought ‘f*** it’, carried our own bags and walked. At the same time I said to myself this would be the last time we will be staying here.

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  1. We recently atayed there June 2013 and it was just as you mentioned. The rooms “looked” nice but we had ants in the tub, room floor was dirty, dusty. The pool is small for the number of expected guests, the food in the restaurant was lousy. The front office staff were pleasant and sweet but gave me wrong information about the islands and the length of time it would take us to get there! There wasnt enough information of what to do in terengganu. NOW FOR THE BEST BIT: BED BUGS!!!! we got bitten badly and they felt it was ok “normal for a chalet to have” words of the operations manager. He wanted me to wait for half an hour before meeting me as he was in a a meeting. I threw a fit then he turned up. Gawd! We checked out with noone seing us off nor was there an offer to reimburse our F&B bill. I worked in internatinal hotels and we would never let a guest leave on a bad note. So pass the word out DONT GO TO RI- YAZ

  2. I just checked out from ri yaz..yes agreed with others they have to improve the service..the service is very bad for 5 star resort.
    The day before i ask them what time the gym and sauna room will be ready? They said 7am all will be ready..ok thats good..the next day i walk from my chalet around 8am…no staff there then i make a call ask them to ready the sauna room…then 9am come a lady staff wanna to clean the sauna room..i ask her yesterday you said all will be ready by 7 am but why you just start clean all this by 9am..she saif the yesterday staff forgot to clean the room..ok thats very good..then i have to wait for one hour…next during breakfast i ask for extra spoon but the staff was babbling at me..she said can you use the same spoon, normally hotel not provide extra spoon..yeah you are right thank you….the 5 star resort staff babbling to the guess just because she ask for extra spoon…i think they should down grade to 3 star..the facilities are high class but the service is low class.

  3. I came here in Nov 2014 for 3 days 2 night. We request for king bed but we got twin bed. Twin bed for a couple doesn’t make sense. We ask for other room with king bed even with extra charge unfortunately the hotel is full. The room is big and comfortable. Just for toilet we found cigarette but. And the room is smelly with cigarette. The breakfirst is ok but not much for desert and cakes. The pool not too clean. Nothing much to do there than the beautiful villa and landscape. The balcony is beautiful and i love the idea of wooden blind. The villa is so silent and privacy until the time of housekeeping. The hotel is beautiful but u need little effort to go anywhere. Walking or call the buggy… Some of the staffs is friendly but some of them is not. We sure come back again…:)


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