2OX (Two-Ox) French Bistro @ The Row, KL

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UPDATE: 11/5/2016: 2OX is now a pork free restaurant

Two OX French Bistro The Row KL

Remember Maison Francaise? The same team behind the successful French fine dining restaurant has a new venture in the city called 2OX (Two-Ox), a French Bistro at The Row.
Previously known as “Asian Heritage Row”, The Row is now a stretch of shop houses where independent shops, cafes, bars and co-working space are situated. With the opening of 2OX, things are starting to gear up and I am sure The Row will become the next dining destination in KL.

2OX French Bistro KL

2OX French Bistro Bar

The restaurant is spacious yet cozy with an unmistakable European flavor. During the day, the tall glass walls and a courtyard allow plenty of natural light to stream in for a casual and inviting atmosphere.
By night, it transforms into a warm and intimate dinner space, ideal for everyday get-togethers with family and friends as well as special occasions.

Fresh Bread

2OX’s menu is a simple, one page affair that features classic French bistro fare and an easy-to-navigate list of wines and other non-alcoholic beverages.
The complimentary homemade bread was absolutely delicious, with a warm, crispy crust and a soft and chewy center. If not for the fact that we ordered a lot of food, we would have gladly finished all of them without hesitation.

Pate de maman

Pork Pate

My usual self would have played it safe and ordered a soup or salad for appetizer. But a little coaxing from Chef Thierry was all it took to convince me to try the Paté de maman (provincial style paté) @ RM40. After all, his recommendations have always been spot on for us.

2OX Pate on Toast

I’ve never really been into paté but I think I have been converted after this. The rustic texture of the paté has a delicate richness that will surely please every palate.
Simply spread a layer of the paté on the outrageously crunchy bruschetta and top it off with the pickled gherkin (a must!), shallot and cherry tomato for a burst of flavors.

Salmon Rillette

For those who are not keen on having paté, your alternative would be Rillette, a French dish that is similar to paté and it’s available in both duck and salmon.
We opted for the Salmon Rillette @ RM38 which was fresh, moist and delicious – though the paté earlier is still our preferred choice if we had to choose between the two. So, it really boils down to personal taste and preference.

2OX Stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Beef

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Beef @ RM25 is another appetizer worth getting. The Piquillo is one of the most highly prized peppers grown in Spain, known for its fruity sweetness with a tiny hint of heat. Soft, creamy and melt in your mouth, these triangular beauties are so tasty, they will leave you longing for more.

Josper Oven Grilled Pork Shoulder

2OX also boasts a Josper in their kitchen, a hybrid machine that could grill and roast whatever is cooked on it. A couple of mains are prepared in the Josper, such as the pork shoulder and squid.
The Grilled Pork Shoulder @ RM75 is a thick cut that’s perfectly cooked right on time resulting in a juicy and tender piece of meat. The tangy sauce was brilliant too and heightened the overall flavor of the dish.

7 hours low temperature cooked beef oyster blade

And just when we thought the meal couldn’t any better, came the 7 Hours Low Temperature Cooked Beef Oyster Blade @ RM88. Extremely flavorful, it cuts like butter any way you slice it after being slow cooked for a long period of time.
If you love steak, this is something you ought to try. The taste is somewhat similar to oxtail minus the gelatinuos element to it. Highly recommended and you won’t regret it.

Lemon Tart Meringue

Desserts wise, there’s something for everyone no matter what you desire – rich, sweet, sour or refreshing priced between RM15 and RM20. All four we had namely the classic creme brulee, Bourguignon pear and vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate mousse and lemon tart meringue were delectably enjoyable on their own. Our favorite was the meringue, because we felt that a light and zesty dessert would be the perfect ending to a rich tasting meal.

2OX French Bistro Restaurant

2OX French Bistro Mural Seats

2OX French Bistro The Row

Lastly, it’s possible to indulge in a satisfying 3-course meal at 2OX for RM88++ by opting for their set where you get to pick a cold or warm appetizer, main and dessert. Do note however, that some items will have additional charges.
For example, if you pick the Angus steak, you will need to pay extra RM30 on top of the set menu price. Nevertheless, it’s still a substantial saving compared to ordering a la carte.
Besides, they also have a special weekday lunch menu that lets you enjoy some of their signature dishes at a fraction of the original price; albeit at a smaller portion. Prices start at RM10+ for a soup with bread, RM22+ for a Josper oven cooked Chicken Burger and upto RM28+ for the slow-cooked beef oyster blade. Superb value if you ask me, given 2OX’s setting and location.

2OX (Two-Ox French Bistro)
56G, Jalan Doraisamay, 50300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2692 2233
Business hours: 11.30am – 11pm

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