Maple Food Market (July 2016) @ Great Eastern Mall

Maple Food Market July 2016
Maple Food Market July 2016

The Maple Food Market has returned and it’s now happening in Great Eastern Mall until this Sunday from 11am – 8pm. Dozens of artisan food producers are participating in this food bazaar that promises a fun and delicious time. Besides the familiar faces, there are also a couple of new talents showcasing their finest creations – snacks, cakes, cookies and even pizza!

Nisa Bakri Maple Food Market

Nisa Bakari Curry Paste

Lets take a quick round through the participating vendors starting with the newcomers. Nisa Bakri‘s ready-to-cook curry pastes are made for the home cook who has little time to prepare the sauces from scratch. Both her Fish Curry Hydramawt and Asam Pedas sauces are made with natural ingredients and come with cooking instructions.

Talent Lounge

Talent Lounge Maple Food Market

Talent Lounge is a collaborative space where ideas and good food gather and come to life. Drop by for more information if you need a cafe lounge dedicated for talent development.


Dehydrated Fruits

Cocoraw‘s chocolates are produced in small batches using quality cocoa solids and fresh dairy without any preservatives and artificial flavorings. They are also made to order to ensure their freshness is guaranteed. Besides chocolates, dehydrated fruits and cookies are also available at their booth.

Apron Fools

Apron Fools Brownie

Apron Fools Cakes

The 3-layer TEAlightful Victoria Sandwich is Apron Fools‘ signature product. It’s infused with Earl Grey Tea and filled with strawberry and blueberry filling on different layers. The cake is then frosted with cream cheese frosting and topped with fresh berries. That sounds incredibe alright.

6th Street Desserts

6th Street Desserts hail from Shah Alam and their focus is to make all the best tasting pastries, cakes, cookies and etc while keeping the sugar level as low as possible. They also do desserts for various events such as wedding, engagement party, baby shower and birthday. Delivery is available too!

Mutiara Figs Garden

Mutiara Figs Garden Maple Food Market

Mutiara Figs Garden could very well be the most interesting vendor in the market. Their homemade products include fig tea, caramelized figs, sambal bilis fig and even facial soaps! What’s more impressive is that they even have a fig farm in which they harvest the fruits to make their products.

My Craft Pizza Great Eastern Mall

Pizza lovers should definitely check out Craft Pizza which is also a tenant in the mall. Their freshly baked pizzas are a hit with the visitors not only because they look absolutely delish, but also due to their affordability. A 12-inch slice pizza is only RM4.90 and it comes with a free drink too.

Jaja Bakery

Jaja Bakery Cake


And now back to the veterans of the food market. Jaja’s Bakery makes great cakes, quiche, cookies and macarons. They even made some Pokemon shaped macarons, gotta catch em’ all! simply irresistable for kids.

Gula Cakery Maple Food Market

Gula Cakery

Gula Cakery‘s best sellers include their mango cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate pie, salted caramel cake and not to forget choux pastry (those cute looking doughnuts).

The Honey Hearts

The Honey Hearts Maple Food Market

Be sure to stock up your supply of honey from The Honey Hearts. They also recently opened a cafe in PJ serving great comfort food and iced wild jungle honey drinks. Words have it that their pancakes are awesome as well.

Alison Food Company

Alison (Your Energy Jar) – local artisan that gives a creative spin to simple nutritious ingredients to serve energy meals that look incredibly good, taste incredibly good & are incredibly good for your body.


Amazin'Graze Maple Food Market

Amazin’Graze – a local food startup in the business of making healthy, delicious and affordable treats. They only source for natural ingredients and steer clear of artificial colouring, preservatives, excessive salt or bad oils.

Heartlands Food Asia

Heartland Foods Asia lets you customize your very own kick-ass sausage, freshly grilled off the stove with unlimited condiments.

MIK Made in Kefir


Made in Kefir offers line of homemade probiotic sodas which are naturally fermented with water kefir. Their refreshing sodas are packed with the goodness of probiotic beneficial to your gut health. Available in four flavors and free sampling is provided!

Noora's Maple Food Market

Noora's Cakes

Noora's Cookies

You will find a range of cookies and cakes at Noora’s booth.

RAW Power House Maple Food Market

RAW Power House

The Raw Power House makes their second appearance at Maple Food Market featuring their raw desserts and savoury spreads, all painstakingly prepared with heart and imagination.

Sucree Maple Food Market

Sucree by Preeta

Sucrée by Preeta‘s modern and traditional French pastries are just gorgeous. If you’re a durian lover don’t forget to check out their durian shortcake.

The Accidental Bakers

The Accidental Bakers Maple Food Market

Brownies, brownies and more brownies by The Accidental Bakers.

Tony's Cooking

The food market has a section dedicated to non halal food too. The ever popular pulled pork sandwiches by Tony’s Cooking runs out quickly so be sure to be early to avoid disappointment.

Far Eats

Far Eats Sausage

Far Eats sells home cured bacon and home cooked pork products.

Sketch n Scribble

Vintage & More

Boys on Teeth

There are also a few booths that sells non food-related items. Sketch & Scribble are enthusiast and advocates of children’s work of art. Their products help families imagine, create and play together to create memories in your children’s childhood.
Vintage and More will be showcasing their pretty tea sets and dinnerware while Boys on Teeth is featuring their collection of handmade products made with recycled materials.

Maple Food Market Performance

Maple Food Market July 2016

So if you need to kill a few hours, why not come and check out various quality products our local entrepreneurs have to offer. To understand more about the event, check out the official Facebook page, or contact Aida Salleh at 012-365 6856.


Date: 29 – 31 July 2016, Friday – Sunday
Time: 11am – 8pm
Venue: Concourse, GF, Great Eastern Mall,
Jalan Ampang, KL

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