Imbi Nyonya Kuih @ Imbi Open Air Hawker Centre

Imbi Nyonya Kuih Jalan Imbi
Imbi Nyonya Kuih Jalan Imbi

Have you noticed there’s always a buzz of activity at the open air hawker centre along Jalan Imbi? It’s right next to the Honda showroom directly opposite Win Heng Seng coffee shop. Well I did every time we drove past that road. Last weekend, we decided to drop by and see what the fuss is about.

Nyonya Kuih Stall in front of Honda Imbi

Although we reached there way before dinner time, we noticed a queue already forming at one of the few open stalls. Then it hit me that it is actually the famous Nyonya Kuih stall in Imbi. So we were lucky to have arrived early to catch them before the queue got any longer.

Imbi Nyonya Kuih Stall

The Nyonya Kuih stall is run by a friendly old couple assisted by their son. They sell 6 and only 6 items – yam cake, sago layered cake, kuih talam, kuih lapis, talam kacang merah and red bean soup.
Each slice of Nyonya cake is priced at RM1.10 while a bowl of red bean soup is RM2. Most people take away but you can also enjoy the cakes on the spot; though you should know they only have 2 tables set up.

Imbi Nyonya Kuih Old Couple

Wrapping Nyonya Kuih

Also, you should know that the waiting time could stretch. This is due to some customers may take away up to 50 pieces and most of the work is done by the old lady. In our case, it took us 20 minutes to reach our turn despite being 5th in the queue. So, do the math.

Imbi Nyonya Kuih

But hey I am not complaining because I enjoyed watching them work while waiting. And when we finally sat down with the Nyonya kuih right in front of us, I thought the wait was nothing to be bothered about.

Imbi Nyonya Kuih Yam Cake

Imbi Nyonya Kuih Red Bean Cake

Sago Pearl Coconut Nyonya Kuih

We tried everything they had to offer and man, I gotta say, the kuih was awesome especially the steamed yam cake. It’s so soft and smooth, simply comfort food at its best. Kuih talam was nice as well, it had a really creamy texture with a rich pandan and coconut flavor. We loved all of it.

Imbi Red Bean Soup

The red bean soup was great as well. It’s not the thin and watery type which has all the red beans cooked into a mush.

Nyonya Kuih Stall Imbi

When I approached the uncle and asked why they only sell 5 trays of Nyonya kuih when they could obviously sell more, I got a cheeky reply. “We start making the kuih from scratch since 6am, if we do any more we are gonna die”. Uhh, let’s hope that stays as a joke for a long, long time to come.

Imbi Open Air Hawker Centre

Lastly, do note that they are only open three days a week. Details are as follows.

Imbi Nyonya Kuih 娘惹糕

Next to Honda showroom
193 & 195, Jalan Imbi
Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Business hours: 5.30pm till finish (usually within 2-3 hours), open on Wed, Thurs and Saturdays only.

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