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Opium Restaurant KL

Opium Changkat Bukit Bintang KL

Synonymous to great restaurants and bars in KL, the vibrant strip of Changkat Bukit Bintang comes alive evening onwards. During the day, the street is quiet and suitable for family and couples who prefer to dine in a quieter and more relaxed environment.
Opium KL, one of Werner’s Group’s restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its stylish Shanghai setting and eclectic selection of Oriental fusion dishes. Think Norwegian Salmon in curry and Kung Pao styled Angus beef medallions.

Opium KL Soy Glazed Scallops

Opium KL Soy Glazed Scallops

The presentation of the Scallops with Soya Glaze @ RM24 was simple yet impactful and shifts your attention to the large and succulent scallops. Julienned ginger, chili and spring onions not only added colours to the dish, they also provided lovely flavors and texture to contrast with the scallops’ sweet and tender taste.

Opium KL Dim Sum Siew Mai

Opium serves a handful of dim sum all day. Despite not made in house, the pork-free Siew Mai @ RM15 was delightful enough to please the average palate.

Opium KL Burger

The impressive looking Opium Burger @ RM42 came highly recommended by the friendly and enthusiastic restaurant manager. It takes 20 minutes to prepare and assemble and consists of a thick Angus patty (250g), tomatoes, onions, Jalapeno, mushrooms, French fries and served along a tangy coconut lemongrass sauce.

Opium KL Angus Burger

Besides the Angus beef patty which makes the Opium burger desirable, it’s also cleverly seasoned with Asian herbs and spices that deliver an exciting blend of flavors. Although it was quite sloppy to eat, we enjoyed every bite of it.
Not to mention the fries were still crispy when they are completely cool – that’s something you can’t get enough of. Most of the times, they will turn soggy before you even finish the burger.

Opium Creamy Butter Prawns KL

Creamy Butter Prawns with Steamed Buns

For something classical, the Creamy Butter Prawns @ RM45 will not disappoint. Prepared in an authentic and traditional butter sauce that can rival some of the best Chinese restaurants in the city, it can be enjoyed either with Lotus Leaf Buns or Poppy Seed Rice.
Regardless of which you choose, the rich and savory sauce goes will go well with it. The fleshy prawns were extremely fresh too and perfectly cooked to a juicy bite.

Opium KL Mango Asam Boi

Opium KL Apple Lychee Mint

Drinks wise, there seems to be an endless selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy every taste bud. Both the Mango Asam Boi and Apple Lychee Mint @ RM15 were delicious and satisfyingly cooling in the heat.

Opium Ice Glass

Lastly for desserts, we had the Opium Ice Glass @ RM18, which is basically an ABC of sorts served in a tall glass. It might look unassuming, but it was so good that it could possibly be one of the best shaved ice desserts you can get in KL.
Loaded with the typical ingredients that make up an ABC, the level of sweetness was spot on and the coconut milk gave off an awesome aroma and creamy consistency into the mix.

Opium KL Bar

Opium KL Chinese Wine Jars

Now if you are interested to dine at Opium, there’s a way for you shave a substantial amount off your bill by using the Entertainer. The app lets you enjoy Buy 1 Free 1 deals all year long at some of the best restaurants in town, and Opium is one of them.
With the Entertainer, you could enjoy a satisfying meal at Opium with less than RM100 for two. Taking our meal as an example, if you went straight for the mains , desserts with a drink to share, it will cost you a little over than RM90 because one of the main courses would have been free. The Entertainer Malaysia 2016 costs only MYR 145 (use promo code: 2016VKEONG to get RM15 off)

Opium Restaurant Changkat Bukit Bintang

Customers who visit Opium at night will also be entertained by a live Guzheng performance, where one is certain to walk away with a memorable dining experience. Service was faultless and we were made to feel very much at home as soon as we stepped into the door.

Opium KL Restaurant Changkat Bukit Bintang

Opium KL
50 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2142 5670
Business hours: Sun – Thur (12pm – 1am), Fridays (12pm – 2am), Saturdays (4pm – 2am)

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