Yung Yi Kei Porridge @ Jinjang Selatan


Porridge restaurants like Yung Yi Kei is not a common sight. Most of the time when I feel like eating porridge I would go looking for it in a food court or coffee shop.
Judging from the large crowd, Yung Yi Kei is a local favorite and it also appears to be the busiest restaurant in the area. In business since 1991, it started off as a road side stall at Jinjang Utara before moving into a shoplot at the current location.

Yung Yi Kei Porridge Prices

Basically there are seven types of Cantonese-style porridge to choose from and they all use the same porridge base. They include “chee chap” (mixed pork), fried pork instestines, sliced pork, curdled pork blood, shredded chicken, century egg, bullfrog and fish slices. The price for a basic order ranges between RM5 and RM7.80, could be more if you opt for additional toppings which start at RM1 each.

Yung Yi Kei Porridge Jinjang

The foreign worker does all the cooking. Not sure if it matters to you, but just saying.

Pork Porridge Yung Yi Kei

I had the mixed pork porridge with fried pork intestines. The toppings’ portion size might look slightly underwhelming but you’d be pleased to know that there’s actually a lot of meat and curdled pork blood underneath the porridge. So the price is actually worth it.

Fried Pork Intestines Porridge Jinjang

Yung Yi Kei Pork Porridge Jinjang

The fried pork intestines are crunchy and tasted clean without any funky smell. I thought it was the best tasting ingredient among all.
As for the porridge, I was kind of hopeful it would taste like what I had in Hong Kong because it looked promising with its thick consistency. But it wasn’t. Nevertheless it was still a good and honest bowl of porridge and we enjoyed every sip of it. The only thing missing was a bowl of crispy you tiao.

Fish Porridge Yung Yi Kei

Yung Yi Kei Fish Porridge

SL had the fish slices porridge which had a milder and sweeter taste. There’s plenty of fish slices in it too, enough to accompany every mouthful you take.

Chicken Curry Wantan Mee

Besides porridge, Yung Yi Kei also sells noodle and dessert. The chicken curry wantan mee @ RM5.80 was surprisingly good overall if you discount the sad looking red char siew.
Dessert wise, actually only red bean soup is available here, priced at RM2 for a small serving. I have never been a fan of red bean soup but from what we observed, it’s a popular order among the customers.

Restoran Yung Yi Kei Jinjang

Restoran Yung Yi Kei 永一 (粥)

No. 29, Jalan 8/32, Taman Jinjang Baru,
Off Jalan Kepong, 52000 KL
Business hours: 5.30pm to 11.30pm

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    • I only noticed there’s a claypot chicken rice and some pan mee stalls in that area. Not sure about noon though because I usually eat there at night. My fav is Red Kitchen’s CKT and the ABC next to it


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