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Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist 金仔板面 @ Taman Batu, Kepong


Like the name says, Kim Kia is a specialist in pan mee and has been serving the local neighborhood for many years. It used to be a stall but with the overwhelming support of their customers, they moved into a proper shop located just a stone’s throw away from its original spot.

Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist Restaurant

First thing first, if this is your first time here, you should know that Kim Kia is notorious for its long waiting time. If you come during the weekends, the wait could get excruciating. There was once where we waited for 45 minutes and even considered to leave without eating.
But to be fair to them, the slower-than-usual service is largely due to the noodles being cooked one by one. So only a handful of orders (from what I observed, only 3?) could be completed at once. That could be a good thing though, as you could be sure of the noodle’s quality stays consistent.

Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist Dry Pan Mee

The price for the pan mee here ranges between RM6 and RM7 and the noodle can be ordered thin, thick or hand-torn. ‘Lor Pan Mee’ is a signature offering here if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Kim Kia Pan Mee Dry

The Dry Pan Mee is tossed in an aromatic soya sauce and tastes quite good with the fresh toppings. Everything was up to the mark but the deep-fried anchovies stood out for being crunchy but not hard.

Kim Kia Pan Mee Soup

The soup version is equally good as well. For something more exciting to the palate, you can opt for the spicy and sour or ‘ma lat’ flavor.

Green Chili Paste

Now, it’s not all that surprising that the pan mee here is good. But in all honesty, I don’t think it’s that much better than the rest. So why do customers like me even return despite the long wait?
Well, it’s all thanks to their excellently concocted green chili sauce. It’s as spicy as it looks and tastes awesome – just a bit of it is enough to lift the pan mee from good to great.

Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist

Conclusion: if you are happen to be in the area and not in a hurry, the pan mee here is worth a try.

Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist

No.15, Jalan A, Taman Batu
Off Jalan Kuching, 52000 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 8am to 3pm ,closed on Mondays

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