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Curry Laksa @ Madras Lane, Petaling Street KL

Curry Laksa Madras Lane Petaling Street KL
Curry Laksa Madras Lane Petaling Street KL

Madras Lane is popular for two things – curry laksa and yong tau fu. However, the famous yong tau fu stall only opens for lunch. So if you are here early, the noodle stalls are your only available options.
Peculiarly enough, there are three noodle stalls in this small hawker centre and all of them have pretty much the same menu – and that includes curry laksa. So, which one should you go for?

Madras Lane Curry Mee Laksa - Middle

Based on my observation, the middle stall enjoyed the briskest business among all hence it was chosen. As a matter of fact, if you ask around, you will know that it is also the most recommended one.

Madras Lane Petaling Street Curry Laksa

Since competition is fierce, there are certain rules to follow here. For example, if you order your food from the middle stall, you can only sit at tables with green stools. So just sit wherever you are asked to sit to avoid being yelled at – either by the stall you’re ordering from, or their competitors.
A bowl of curry laksa with added chicken curry clocks in at RM8 and it also served with generous amount of other toppings such as cockles, brinjals, long beans, pork skin and tofu pok.
Everything was great and the chicken curry and brinjals really stood out. The latter had a perfect texture and was highly enjoyable.

KL Curry Mee

But what really sets the curry laksa here apart from the rest is the piquant curry broth that’s seemingly richer in spices, yet with a well-balanced flavor.
I think the addition of those delicious chicken curry gravy to the noodles at the end did the trick. For a spicier experience, don’t be shy with the sambal – it’s a match made in heaven for the noodle.

Madras Lane Curry Laksa Price

Madras Lane Curry Laksa Stall

First timers might find it hard to spot this hawker centre amongst the hustle and bustle. One easy and useful landmark will be the Public Bank along Jalan Tun H.S Lee, as the entrance to Madras Lane is located right opposite.

Madras Lane Hawker Centre Entrance

Madras Lane Curry Laksa

Unnamed stall in the middle
Off Petaling Street, 50000 KL
Business hours: 8am onwards, closed on Thursdays

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