Chun Kee Hakka Mee @ Pudu – Revisited

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Pudu Chun Kee Hakka Mee

Looks like night time is a better time to drop by Chun Kee to enjoy a bowl of Hakka Mee. The overall experience was a 180 degree change compared to our previous lunch visit. Everything felt different.

Chun Kee Hakka Mee Pudu

To start with, the person cooking the noodle is much friendlier and patient. He is noticeably more courteous towards the customers and doesn’t raise his voice when he is talking to others. More importantly, we didn’t feel like we waited at all since the noodle arrived within minutes.

Hakka Dai Bu Meen

Maybe because of that, the noodle came out tasting a lot better as well. It wasn’t as clumpy as I remembered and the flavor was simply delicious. I wolfed down the entire bowl in no time flat.
This is the quality that I’ve come to expect from their reputation, and they delivered. So if you need a Hakka Mee fix, come to Chun Kee during their 2nd shift.

Chun Kee Hakka Mee (Tai Bu Mee)

Jalan Sayur, Pudu, 55100 KL
Business hours: 6am – 3pm, 3pm – 10pm, closed on 1st and 15 of the lunar month

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