Sate Atok @ Taman SPPK, Segambut


Good satay stalls are few and far between in Kepong. Those that are worthy are located out of the way and we often have to drive across the town for them.
After trying numerous satay stalls in our neighborhood, we finally found one that we like enough to recommend. Sate Atok is located in Taman Segambut SPPK and we stumbled upon the stall while having dinner at one of the Malay seafood restaurants.

Sate Atok Chicken Beef Satay

From what I was told by the trader, Sate Atok has a couple of branches in KL and all their satays are prepared in Kajang. In fact, the recipe has been handed down in the family for generations. So that probably explains why their satay is a notch better than the rest.

Sate Atok Grilling Satay

Sate Atok Menu Contact

He works alone and does everything on his own, so you might have to wait a while for the satay to be ready. But based on our visits so far, it never took more than 15 minutes for our order to arrive.

Sate Atok Chicken Satay

There are four types of satay available: chicken (RM0.70), beef (RM0.80), lamb (RM1) and tripe (RM0.90). Among all, the chicken and beef are the best tasting ones for us. Both are well-marinated and do not rely solely on the satay sauce to deliver.
That said, the lamb satay is not bad as well because of its unique seasoning that does not taste like any other that we have tried before – it’s just a tad on the chewy side.
As for the satay sauce, I think it’s one of the best ones around. It’s rich, full of grounded peanuts and not oily, so it coats the satay easily for a mouthful of flavors.

Sate Atok SPPK Segambut

If you are here looking for a proper dinner, the restaurant Sate Atok is operating at serves cheap and delicious Malay food. In the afternoon, Kak Ton D’Condo just next door is great spot for ikan bakar and nasi campur; they’re pretty awesome if you ask me.

Sate Atok

Jalan Dutamas Seroja
Taman Segambut SPPK, 52100 Segambut
Tel: 012-644 2001
Business hours: 5pm to 12am (Closed on Saturdays)

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