Kasim Satay Pasar Sentul @ Sentul, KL


Kasim Satay Sentul Pasar

Kasim Satay is probably the busiest satay stall in Sentul. The stall operates in Sentul’s wet market (Pasar Sentul) at night and most customers take away because the location is not so conductive for dining in.

Sentul Kasim Satay

Three people man the stall, one to take order, one to grill and another to pack. During the entire time we were there, I think our order of 15 sticks was the smallest and kind of sad compared to what the others were buying.
Orders of 50 sticks were commonly heard and one guy even bought the satay in boxes for his kenduri. So my point is, this is not for those who are in a hurry because you will have to wait.

Kasim Satay Sentul Menu

Kasim Satay’s menu also features satay kerang (cockles), it’s one of the reasons why we were here. Unfortunately it was not available and only chicken and beef satays were left. As you can see, the prices are reasonable and worth it considering the high ratio of meat to fat content on each skewer, it was close to 70-30.

Satay Grill Kasim Satay Sentul Pasar

Kasim Satay Sentul Pasar Grilling

Kasim Chicken Satay Sentul

The big flame is definitely fun to look at and makes the waiting less boring. Despite the high heat, the satay manage to come out decent without a lot of charred parts.

Kasim Satay Sentul Takeaway

As for the taste, the satay did meet our expectations and they were quite delicious with chunky and tender meat, while the peanut sauce was alright. In fact, it could have tasted a lot better and juicier if it wasn’t sitting around in my car for 20 minutes to reach home.
And as usual, the beef satay fared better because it had a stronger and more flavorful rub of spices. Recommended, and I will return again to try their satay kerang.

Kasim Satay Sentul

Kasim Satay Sentul Pasar

83, Jalan Sentul, 51000 KL
Tel: 019-226 3248 / 012-200 9053 / 011-2319 7988
Business hours: 4pm to 11pm daily

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