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Pizza Brava Italian Wood Fire Pizza @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Located among the restaurants and bars of Desa Sri Hartamas, Pizza Brava is an affordable find in this upscale neighborhood. The reason I say this is because a regular pizza here is even cheaper than Domino’s / Pizza Hut etc.
Weekdays set lunch is a steal starting from RM12.90 for 3 courses including a salad or soup, a main and free flow of ice lemon tea. If that’s not value then I don’t know what is!

Pizza Brava Mozzarella in Carrozza

The Mozzarella in Carrozza @ RM12 is like a Italian version of grilled cheese sandwich. Fried to a golden brown, it gives a crunchy bite and a satisfying cheesy pull-apart. Served with a tangy Pizzaiola sauce that really compliments the overall taste nicely.

Pizza Brava Casanova Pizza

Pizza choices are plentiful with almost two dozens of flavors to choose from. After much consideration we proceeded to order the Casanova Pizza (10″ @ RM19) that’s loaded with tomatoes, cheese, chicken pepperoni, mushroom, capsicum and pineapple. Personally, I was pleased with how the pizza turned out because it was actually quite delicious.

Pizza Thin Crust

As you can see, their pizza has a thin crust that gives off a satisfying crack when you bite into it. Each slice held the toppings well on its own and remained crispy throughout the dinner.

Pizza Brava Pan Fried Seabass

This was the only disappointment of our meal. Branzino In Padella (Pan-fried Seabass Fillet served with olive oil, garlic and lemon butter sauce) was terribly mushy and simply did not live up to our expectations after the promising start. Moreover, it was also the most expensive dish we had that night at RM28.

Pizza Brava Tiramisu

Although far from fantastic, the Tiramisu @ RM12 looked good enough to eat and met the standard we set for a casual Italian place such as Pizza Brava.

Pizza Brava Coffee

Coffee is delightfully affordable – cheaper by between RM3-5 compared to the cafes in the area. Both the Caffè Latte and Cappuccino are RM6.50 each and tasted as good as we’ve come to expect these days from any cafe.

Pizza Brava Italian Restaurant

All in all, Pizza Brava is a decent place to grab a pizza or for an economical lunch. Service is quick and efficient but the staff who attended to us appeared robotic with little to no personality, yet was seen smiling and all to the expat customers seated at table next to us. Not a big deal but I am just throwing it out there.

Pizza Brava Desa Sri Hartamas

Pizza Brava (between Starbucks and Watsons)
18, Jalan 25/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Tel: 03-6201-6608
Business hours: 11am – 11pm daily

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