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Avocado Shake @ Malacca Avocado Choc


With the opening of Malacca Avocado Choc since early this year, Melaka now has three prominent places to visit for quenching your thirst. If you are wondering what the other two are, they are Klebang Coconut Shake and Mango Float Royale.


The popularity of Malacca Avocado Choc is apparent, as queue as long as a hundred meters can be seen on every weekend. As of now, it is the hottest tourist spot in Limbongan area even overtaking the famous kuih keria next door – and by A LOT. It’s funny because in my last visit to Melaka, the kuih keria stall was still the craze.


There are 4 types of avocado shake available which are differentiated by the type of toppings. The basic Avocado Choc drink @ RM6 is sweetened with Gula Melaka and you can opt for chocolate or vanilla flavored ice cream for that extra creamy taste. For an extra RM3.90 you get to pick between Milo dinosaur or an additional scoop of ice-cream complete with whipped cream.
Taste wise, it’s nice and the smoothie’s texture is rich and smooth. But I find the avocado flavor is somewhat mild, especially if you compare it to the ‘jus alpukat’ you get at the Indonesian restaurants.


Besides avocado shake, they also serve a variety of snacks that are complemented with avocado dip. Eg. nachos, quesadilla, fries, chicken wings and fish fingers. A clean and spacious environment is provided for those who wish to dine in.


While you are here, check out the amount of avocados they have stocked up. You can do a guestimate on how much the business is making on a daily basis.


As for the obvious question “Is it worth the queue?” My answer would be “yes”, if the queue is a short one. Otherwise, don’t bother and don’t waste your precious holiday time queuing under the sun.

Malacca Avocado Choc
PT245, Jalan Limbongan, Kampung Limbongan, 75200 Klebang, Melaka
Hours: 11am – 10pm

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