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Authentic Nyonya Cendol @ Mdm Kiow Cendol, Melaka


It’s an open secret that Aunty Koh makes the best Nyonya cendol in Melaka, and probably in Malaysia too. If you managed to try her cendol before then count yourself lucky, because word is that her stall has remained closed for the last couple of weeks. That’s always a sign that she might be closing up for good.


So for those who came all the way out of town only to find her stall closed, fret not, as there’s an alternative just further down the road – Mdm Kiow Cendol.


Like Aunty Koh, Mdm Kiow Cendol is also only open during the weekends and they are doing it out of passion and to make some extra income. With the exception of coconut milk and red bean, every other ingredient used in their Nyonya cendol is homemade.
You will notice their Gula Melaka is extra gooey while the cendol is softer, has a deeper green and does not resemble those commercially-produced ones.


The first thing that hits your senses when you take a sip of the cendol (RM4) is the fragrance of Gula Melaka. The taste is so pure and ‘kao’ that the experience is almost like drinking a melted coconut candy, a concentrated one that is. If you like your cendol with extreme Gula Melaka taste, you will surely love this.
Now for those who have tasted Aunty Koh’s cendol, you must be wondering how it sizes up with Mdm Kiow’s. Well, Mdm Kiow’s Gula Melaka is richer and their homemade cendol is definitely more superior. But when it comes to the ‘santan’ (coconut milk), Aunty Koh wins hands down because she grates the coconut herself, and that actually makes a big difference in terms of aroma.


While you are here you should also try some of their homemade Nyonya kuih. Some of the more popular items include pai tee (recommended!), apam berkuah durian, pisang goreng and pulut tai tai. Even the nangka madu sold here are harvested from their backyard garden.


Mdm Kiow Cendol
No. 516-1, Batu 7 1/4, Bukit Rambai, Melaka
Tel: 06-335 4355
Hours: 11.30am – 5pm (Saturday & Sunday only)

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