Kaya Puff & Egg Tart @ QunKee Biscuit 权记饼家, Ipoh

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In Ipoh, when Kaya Kok (Kaya Puff) is mentioned, Sin Eng Heong always comes to mind first. They are without a doubt the most popular biscuit shop in town and you can’t deny their kaya puffs are legendary. But I am here to recommend you another biscuit shop that makes equally delicious kaya puffs and that’s QunKee Biscuit 权记饼家.

QunKee Biscuit Ipoh Kampung Simee

Established since 1975, QunKee biscuit shop can be found in Kampung Simee. Kaya puff and egg tarts are their signature products but they are also famous for many other traditional biscuits such as Chinese wedding biscuits, walnut cookies and sachima (萨骑马).

QunKee Biscuit Making Kaya Puff Egg Tarts

QunKee Biscuit Ipoh Kaya Puff Pastry

QunKee Biscuit Ipoh Wedding Biscuits

QunKee Biscuit Ipoh Fresh Kaya Puff

During our visit we were allowed to enter the inner section of the shop to see how the biscuits are made. It’s a family run business so most of the people working here are relatives or close-knit friends. The lady who handles the front is nice and welcoming – but that applies to most of the shop owners in Ipoh anyway.

QunKee Biscuit Ipoh Box

QunKee Kaya Puff in Box Ipoh

QunKee Biscuit Kaya Puff Ipoh

At RM0.80/pc, QunKee’s kaya puff is slightly cheaper than Sin Eng Heong’s by 10 cents. As soon as you hold it on your hand, you would notice that the kaya puff’s pastry shell is smooth and airy with a nice gloss.
The moment you bite into it, the shell breaks with a satisfying snap that reveals a thick filling of kaya. The mouth feel is totally different from Sin Eng Heong’s crumbly and flaky texture.

QunKee Biscuit Ipoh Egg Tarts

QunKee Biscuit Ipoh Pork Floss Egg Tart

We also tried their egg tart and pork floss egg tart, both are delicious in their right. If you did not manage to get your hands on Hong Kee‘s egg tarts, QunKee’s would be your second best bet. I can safely say it’s better than Choy Kee’s (just opposite) and Nam Heong’s. However, that’s only my opinion.

QunKee Biscuit Banner Ipoh

QunKee Biscuit Shop Ipoh Kampung Simee

After shopping for your biscuits at QunKee, don’t forget to check out Fei Ma Mixed Fruit ABC and Fook Kee Fried Noodles, they are just across the road.

QunKee Biscuit (权记饼家)

164, Lebuh 3 Simee, Ipoh
Tel: 012-519 5435 / 05-546 4273
Business hours: 9am – 4pm

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