Fei Ma Mixed Fruits ABC 肥妈雪水档 @ Kampung Simee, Ipoh

Fei Ma Mixed Fruits ABC Kampung Simee Ipoh
Fei Ma Mixed Fruits ABC Kampung Simee Ipoh

Mixed Fruits Ice Kacang 肥妈雪水档 is one of the things that’s uniquely Ipoh. If you have one and only one shot at this dessert in Ipoh, I highly recommend Fei Ma‘s stall in Kampung Simee. It’s quite different compared to those sold by the stalls at the town’s famous ‘tong sui kai’.

Ipoh Mixed Fruits Ice Dessert

Moreover, you don’t need to wait till evening to enjoy this, as Fei Ma is open from noon onwards. What better time to enjoy a bowl of icy cold dessert than a hot afternoon, right?

Fei Ma Ais Kacang Stall

Fei Ma has been operating her stall outside her house for more than 20 years. They heavily rely on the commercial ice trucks to supply them the ice blocks used in their business.
So if for some reason the ice truck doesn’t come, they will be forced to close early, or not do business at all.

Uncle Chopping Ice

When that happens (which happened to us), fret not because the uncle will ride out of the village on his bike to buy ice. Notice how he’s still using a cleaver to chop the block of ice into smaller chunks to fit into the ice shaver.

Fei Ma Shaving Ice Dessert

Based on my observation, the ice shaver’s blades are extremely sharp because the shaved ice it churns out are really soft and snowy, those melt in your mouth type.

Fei Ma Mixing Sour Plum Water

After compacting the shaved ice into shape by hand, Fei Ma starts garnishing each bowl with fruits (fresh, pickled and canned), a myriad of syrups, cendol, peanuts and jelly followed by a bath of sugar water. It’s a time consuming process which you can’t hurry.
Fei Ma is a down to earth and friendly lady and she will answer every question you throw at her. She doesn’t mind sharing the ingredients used for her creations, as she firmly believes that it’s the heart that matters more.

Slicing Fresh Mango

Mango is the last fruit to go on top and they are freshly cut.

Fei Ma Mixed Fruits Ais Kacang

Looking at the generous amount of fruits and tedious work that go into a bowl like this, it’s hard to believe that it costs only RM4.80. It might appear simple too, but there’s much more to it than simply arranging fruits on top on a bowl of ice.
The moment you take a sip of the melted ice, you will know it’s truly something special. The combination of flavors from plum, lime and lemon makes this a refreshing treat that you can enjoy guilt-free.
On top of that, the carefully selected fruits are sufficiently ripe and taste great. Among all, the mango has got to be the star, it’s soft and moist throughout and wonderfully sweet and aromatic. Her home pickled papaya slices are awesome too, they give a tangy crunch in every bite.

Fei Ma Dessert Stall Ipoh

Besides Mixed Fruits ABC, Fei Ma also sells the normal ice kacang with gula melaka and other drinks prepared using cordials.


224, Lebuh Raya 3, Kampung Simee, Ipoh
Business hours: 1pm – 5pm, closed on Tuesdays and Fridays

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