1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival @ Precinct 6, Putrajaya

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Hey guys if you don’t know, there’s a dragon boat festival going on at Putrajaya now. The event started yesterday (5th June) and it will end tomorrow (7th June) so if you are interested you still have plenty of time to be there. Putrajaya’s first ever International Dragon Boat Festival is held at the man-made lake at Putrajaya’s Water Sports Complex, Precinct 6.
I just went and have a look so here are som photos of the event. Do take note that Precinct 6 is no where near the Government complex or Alamanda shopping center, it’s near PICC where the Fireworks competition was held. Take the road leading to Dengkil or PICC and you will see road signs to Precinct 6.


I don’t have a tele lens so this is pretty much the most zoom I could get. Only the participants, staff and media are allowed into the boat racing area. Sigh, how I wish I could get a close up shot of the boats…


The Water Sport Complex’s stadium, it gives you a full, unblocked frontal view of the event.


The viewing platform, I assume. Off limits to visitors though.


This is Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, one of the very few hotels in Putrajaya, looks great.


Some rules to comply while you are there.


Tents setup there were mostly food stalls. Kebab, burgers, donuts, cotton candy, chicken rice, sugarcane drinks.. many to choose from.


If you bring along your kids you can let them have a horse or pony ride. I am not sure how much they charge though.. and it’s just riding round the tree lol.


Or you can let them play at the inflatable castles for RM3.


Some fast food chains took the opportunity to set up mobile restaurants there – eg KFC‘s meal on wheels. Free advertisement for KFC lol. Some other fast food there are Pizza Hut and Ayamas. Indocafe was generous enough to provide free coffee to everyone, and I had three cups lol. It was ice cold and very nice, especially under the hot sun.


Cartoon balloons that added colors to the event.


Spongebob, this fella was the best selling balloon.


Hmm, a beach at a lake?


Nah, not really. Just that there is a spot next to Pullman Putrajaya full with white beach sand. Great spot for a picnic if you ask me. Remember to keep an eye on your children and don’t let them wander too far, the lake is pretty deep.


So, if you have nothing to do today.. why not head over to Putrajaya now to join the event (if you’re staying nearby lah) It’s quite nice actually and I might return again tomorrow to witness the finals.

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