Wira Seafood @ Taman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves

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Besides Daily Burger, Wira seafood restaurant is another worthy place to dine in Taman Sri Gombak. In business since 1980, Wira is known in town for serving fresh seafood at affordable prices. Ikan bakar, nasi lemak and kerabu are some of their signature dishes.

Fresh Fish on Display

Various seafood on ice for your selection, they are brought in from a wholesale market nearby so they are always fresh.

Big Cockles

Live Cockles

But what really caught our attention was the huge cockles (kerang) that’s almost three times bigger than what you get at other places, finger for scale. Even better was that they were still alive and you could still see them moving. At that time we knew Kerang Bakar has got to be on our list of things to eat.

Ikan Kembung Bakar

The chili paste for the ikan bakar (we had the Kembung) is one of a kind, red hot spicy with a pungent smokey flavor that sets it apart from the rest.
We also liked the fact that the fish was grilled on top of a banana leaf so it won’t get burnt in the process. The end result is a perfectly cooked fish that’s moist and delicate.

Wira Seafood Kerang Bakar

Kerang Bakar

Kerang Bakar @ RM4 is highly recommended for the cockles’ size, plumpness and freshness – it’s hard not to appreciate them, especially for that kind of price! Not to mention the tangy and spicy dipping sauce that gives it a nice taste. This is by far one of the most delicious Kerang Bakar we have had, the other being Fend Ikan Bakar’s.

Sotong Goreng Pedas

Sotong Goreng Pedas @ RM6, prepared with a good amount of chilies so it was delightfully spicy as you would expect from its name.

Tomyam Poktek

What makes Tomyam Pok Tek different from the usual tom yam is the addition of coconut milk which thickens up the soup slightly for a milky apperance.
This also develops an underlying sweetness that balances off the sourness in the soup. For RM10, it comes with a mix of fresh river prawn, flower crab, squid and mussel. Not bad at all!

Telur Dadar

Telur Dadar @ RM1.50.

Kailan Goreng Ikan Masin

Lastly, a compulsory serving of greens: Kailan Goreng Ikan Masin @ RM4.50.

Wira Seafood Restaurant Gombak

Based on our visits to numerous Malay restaurants, Wira Seafood is definitely among the handful that actually serves quality and fresh seafood.
More importantly, the prices are as low as they can be expected to be. If the prices were any lower, I think they would be losing money. It’s worth a visit just for the awesome kerang bakar alone.

Restroan Wira Seafood Gombak

Wira Seafood
Jalan SG 1/10, Taman Sri Gombak
68100 Batu Caves
Tel: 012-976 2000 / 012-340 9999
Business hours: 4pm – 3am

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