Yao Yao Ping & Fried Chicken @ Pandamaran, Klang

Yao Yao Ping Pandamaran Klang
Yao Yao Ping Pandamaran Klang

If you find yourself in Klang and have an hour or two to kill, you may want to check out Yao Yao Ping cafe. Located in the Pandamaran area, this is where the locals chill – literally.

Klang Yao Yao Ping Stall

Yao Yao Ping is a kind of slush drink but created with local flavors in mind. Think bubur cha-cha, red bean, sweet corn, calamansi, watermelon flavors and etc. We must have been late as there weren’t much of them left.

Yao Yao Ping and Price List

A cup is RM2.20 each and even though it’s not stated, you are allowed to mix and match the flavors according to what you fancy. Cendol flavor would be the more unique one but it’s only available on Sundays.

Yao Yao Ping Sweet Corn

The texture of the Yao Yao Ping is very refined and doesn’t melt as easy as you would expect. You can have a sip of the melted slushie every minute or so, but I guess scooping it out will be more practical.

Yao Yao Ping Fried Chicken and Percik Chicken

A couple of foods are also sold here: wantan mee, egg burger, fried spring rolls, fried chicken and their own take on Ayam Percik. Most of them are heaty stuff to be enjoyed along with the ice cold Yao Yao Ping.

Yao Yao Ping Fried Chicken

The fried chicken is extremely popular here and you can see it on almost every table. Many customers also come for take away and the amount that they buy is quite shocking. Because of that we had to wait in line for 10 minutes for the next batch to be ready.
But the wait was not for naught, as the fried chicken is quite delicious. Not fantastic, but good enough. They taste fresh, crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Seasoning wise they kept it as simple as possible so you’d be able to taste the chicken.

Grilling Percik Chicken

Yao Yao Ping Restaurant Klang

After this, we felt recharged and went to queue at Boston Baru.

Yao Yao Ping & Fried Chicken

B 1503B, Jalan Young, Pandamaran Jaya
Pelabuhan Klang, 42000 Klang
Business hours: 12pm – 7pm, closed on Mondays

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