Shell Out Seafood Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

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For a fun and casual meal out with family and friends, head to Shell Out seafood restaurant in Kota Damansara where you can literally get into your food. Put on your bibs, ditch the forks and spoons and tuck into fresh seafood prepared Cajun style, or also known as Louisiana seafood boil.

Shell Out Apron and Menu

First timers will have no problem getting acclimated to the unusual dining experience, as the friendly and enthusiastic servers are happy to lend a hand. But don’t be intimidated because ordering is easy-peasy.
You simply pick a seafood you fancy, which most likely is going to be a shellfish, choose a sauce and add-ons like broccoli, corn on cob, potato and sausage.

Shell Out Fried Sweet Potato

A basket of Sweet Potato Fries @ RM9.90 to munch on while waiting for the main stars.

Shell Out Crab in Shellbang Sauce

Among the few types of seafood we had, the Indonesian crab was the most delicious so I highly recommend it. In fact it’s so good that there’s actually no reason to skip it unless you have budget or dietary constraints. We had it with Shell Out’s signature Shell Bang sauce (medium spiciness) and they were a perfect match.
The expertly seasoned Shell Bang sauce was savory and spicy all at once without taking overpowering the delicate, sweet flavor of the crab. Not to mention the crab we got was a female one brimming with luscious roe and that just made everything even better.
For the add-ons, you won’t go wrong with broccoli as the flower heads will soak up the sauce nicely for a juicy bite.

Shell Out Baby Octopus Shell Bang OMG Sauce

Going back to the Shell Bang sauce, we were told that the highest spice level ‘OMG’ was not hot enough for some customers. Upon hearing that I was keen to take up the challenge to verify those claims.
We proceeded to order a serving of Baby Octopus in the OMG Shell Bang sauce @ RM22.90 (20pcs). As you can see, all they did was throw in a good amount of cili padi to kick up the spiciness. It was simple yet effective. The resulting flavor became a whole lot spicier but still, we managed just fine.

Shell Out King Prawns Garlic Butter Sauce

Since the Yabbies were not in stock, we settled for the King Prawn instead. We had the smallest portion (RM43.90/300g) prepared in Butter Garlic sauce as recommended by them. Needless to say the prawns were delicious because of their quality and freshness.

Shell Out Scallops Butter Garlic Sauce

The Giant Scallop (RM29.90/6pcs) was well-cooked and you can really taste the texture of these plump and succulent morsels. Butter Garlic sauce was chosen again to accentuate their flavor, but I reckon it would pair well with the Shell Bang sauce too.

Shell Out Clams Lemon Pepper Sauce

The Lala in Lemon Pepper sauce (RM26.90/500g) was the only disappointment because the kitchen went overboard with the salt. However, they did offer to replace it entirely after we gave our feedback, so it wasn’t a biggie after all. So if you feel the seasoning or seafood is off, just ask for an exchange.
At the end of the meal, if you still don’t feel full after devouring all the seafood, you can opt to have rice or garlic bread to mop up the remaining sauces on the table. It’s such a fun and satisfying thing to do!

Shell Out Seafood Restaurant Kota Damansara

Shell Out Seafood Restaurant

Shell Out Kota Damansara

Shell Out also offers an affordable set lunch menu with prices between RM13.90 and RM24.90. Each set comes with rice, corn, potato, broccoli, green tea, soup and a seafood of your choice. I must say it’s not too shabby at all and the deal is worth a trip.

Shell Out (pork free and alcohol free)

Kota Damansara branch – reservation encouraged
16-1 Jalan Pju 5/15
Dataran Sunway Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-971 5688 / 03-7497 1137
Business hours: Mon-Thurs (11.30am – 10pm), Fri & Sat (11.30am – 11pm), Sun (11.30am – 10pm)
Setia Alam branch
No.11, Jalan Setia Dagang
U13/AK, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-5879 4394
Business hours: Mon-Thurs (12pm – 10pm), Fri & Sat (12pm – 11pm), Sun (12pm – 10pm)

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