Bari Uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya


Bari Uma Ramen Restaurant Jaya Shopping Centre

Bari-Uma isn’t kidding when they claim their tonkotsu ramen to be super rich. If you like your ramen soup full-bodied, thick and creamy with a deep flavor, Bari-Uma should be on your radar.
Established in Hiroshima since 2003, Bari-Uma offers two kinds of ramen: either pork or chicken stock based in shoyu, light shoyu and spicy flavors.

Bari Uma Pork Shoyu Ramen

Compared to other tonkotsu ramen in town, Bari-Uma’s version has a darker looking broth that packs a strong, salty and porky punch. The shop’s signature ramen is Ajitama-Uma @ RM25.90 that comes with the typical toppings such as thick-cut flamed chashu, egg and bamboo shoots.
While ordering, you can also tell them how you like your noodles done: regular, soft or underdone to suit your preference. Served piping hot, the soup maintains a consistent flavor all the way to the very end. It was undeniably delicious and the only minor gripe I had was the slightly-overcooked egg.

Tori Ajitama-Uma Chicken Ramen

On the other hand, the Chicken Ramen (Tori Ajitama-Uma) @ RM21.90 is the polar opposite for being clear with a mild flavor that’s almost simiar to ginger and sesame oil chicken. Not bad, but I feel pork ramen should always be your first choice at Bari-Uma.

Bari Uma Ramen Yakitori

A few side dishes are available here but you can probably guess them all. We decided to try the Yakitori-Tori Combo (assorted grilled skewered chicken and pork) @ RM15.90 instead of our usual order of gyoza.
The pork belly was awesome because of the nice fatty parts, while the rest was only average at best. A better bet would be to order the pork belly only, by a la carte.

Bari-Uma Ramen Jaya Shopping Centre

Lastly, do you know that you can have a meal at Bari-Uma for two for the price of one? With the Entertainer, you get to enjoy buy 1 free 1 offers from various merchants around Malaysia.
In short, Bari-Uma’s ramen will not cost only RM10-15 a bowl instead of the full price shown in the menu. Better still, there’s no reservation required to redeem these offers, simply flash the mobile app while ordering. The Entertainer Malaysia 2016 costs only MYR 145 (use promo code: 2016VKEONG to get RM15 off)

Bari-Uma Ramen (Jaya Shopping Centre)
L3-11, Level 3
Jaya Shopping Centre
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7932 2958

Bari-Uma Ramen (Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang)
Lot F61, Level 1,
Persiaran Komersial,
64000 KLIA, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8660 2054

Business hours: 10am – 10pm daily

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