Durian Bomb & Durian ABC @ Restoran Sri Karak, Section 52, Petaling Jaya

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Restoran Sri Karak is one of the few halal Chinese restaurants in PJ that for me, is worth visiting not for their famed Steamed Patin or any ‘Tai Chow’ dishes but for their durian desserts and pastries.


Anyway, the reason this restaurant bears the name “Sri Karak” is because it is the sister restaurant of Yik Kee in Karak, Pahang. Both of them have similar a menu but Durian ABC is only available here. I know Sri Karak should be quite famous for most PJ-ians but I actually walked in thinking it was just another restaurant, unknowing of its reputation among the locals. Being the signature pastry, the Durian Bomb (RM1.80 each) is a must try here and I suggest you to have it as fast as you can while the puff pastry is still flaky.


Creamy durian is encased in each puff and they were pretty damn good, smelled and tasted very durian-ish. The only turn off for me would be the rather expensive pricing, else I would have easily whallop a few without second thoughts. It is also worth mentioning that Sri Karak sources the durians from their own durian farm in Karak. So, a year-round supply of durian is not a problem here.


I actually wanted to try the Durian Cendol but was told it was sold out for the day. So I had to settle for the next best thing, Durian ABC @ RM6.80. Initially I did not have too much of an expectation for a restaurant to serve a decent ABC but Sri Karak’s managed to surprise me. It was quite satisfying.
The shaved ice was smooth, toppings were aplenty and drizzled with generous Gula Melaka. You might think that a scoop of durian ice cream is given but in fact it was frozen durian flesh so the durian taste is so much stronger. The slight small trade-off is that the texture is not as smooth as ice cream.


The signature noodle dish – Cantonese Fried Mee‘s overall taste was OK, could be better if the noodles were not stuck together so badly.


Some other pastries and durian desserts like egg tarts, durian egg tarts, durian pancake and swiss rolls are also available at Sri Karak. I think you would agree with me that among all, the most tempting one should be the durian egg tarts. But honestly I could tell you don’t bother with them because they were so soggy. If you insist on trying, make sure the ones you buy are fresh out of the oven and still feel warm. Else, heh and good luck.

Restoran Sri Karak
No. 17 Jalan 52/8,
Section 52,
Petaling Jaya.
GPS Coordinates: N3 05.979 E101 38.723

Tel: 03 7958 3280
Business Hours: Mon-Sat (10am-10pm) Sunday, Lunch (11am-3pm), Dinner (6pm-10pm)

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