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Soon Kee Teochew Seafood Noodle & Porridge


Soon Kee Seafood Noodle Canton City

If you find yourself in Selayang one day and craving for something light and tasty, I highly recommend Soon Kee Teochew seafood and porridge at Canton City coffee shop. The humble stall is manned by an uncle who has been selling at the same spot for more than 10 years.

Teochew Seafood Noodle Prices

The seafood selection here is more than enough to satisfy any seafood lover. Fish takes up most of the menu and there is close to a dozen of of them to choose from.
However, if you are late, some more popular types of fish may run out. Seabass and grouper are usually available though. Other seafood includes prawn, oyster, lala, cuttlefish and a couple of fish balls – all subject to season and availability.

Seabass Fish Noodles

Instead of ordering from the preset menu, you can also pick your own seafood to customize your noodle or porridge. You can pick as much as you want as long as you can pay for it later. Here’s SL’s order of seabass noodle @ RM12.

Soon Kee Teochew Seafood Noodles

As for me, I simply let the uncle customize a bowl that’s worth RM20. So what I gotten were sea bass slices, oysters, cuttlefish and a handful of different fish balls. That’s a lot of seafood and it filled the bowl to the brim, the price was worth it.

Seabass Fish Slices

Fresh Oysters

Although the soup appears light and clear, it’s so delicious that it managed to satisfy my heavy palate. It was boiled using pork bones with meat attached as the base, then infused with the seafood’s essences upon order. Since each bowl of noodle or porridge might come with different types of seafood, the resulting taste will be different as well.
The excellent soup aside, the uncle’s timing is spot on too. Which is why the fish is perfectly cooked and each piece just melts away in your mouth. The oyster is equally enjoyable and made my day because it had been a long time since I had oysters this fresh and succulent.

Soon Kee Teo Chew Seafood Noodle and Porridge

Canton City Restaurant Selayang

All in all, Soon Kee serves fantastic seafood noodle and it deserves more attention – especially on the Net. I am amazed that this place has not been reviewed by anyone yet, it’s not even on Google!

Soon Kee Teochew Seafood Noodle & Porridge

Restoran Canton City
No.56, Jalan SJ 17
Taman Selayang Jaya, 68100 Batu Caves
Tel: 012-616 1283 / 016-682 3796
Business hours: 7.30am – 3pm (closed on Tuesdays, but open if it’s a public holiday)

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