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Mangkorn Seafood BBQ Buffet @ Bangkok


Mangkorn Seafood BBQ Buffet Bangkok

A number of people have been asking about the seafood BBQ buffet I mentioned recently in my Jae Koy post. Because who could resist unlimited grilled fresh river prawns in Bangkok, right? Well, Mangkorn Seafood is the place where we had the aforementioned eat-all-you-can seafood BBQ.

Mangkorn Seafood BBQ River Prawns

For ฿399 (~RM47), you get to feast giant freshwater prawns, Thai blue crabs (known as flower crabs to us), scallops, oysters, mussels, sea bass, squid, cockles, clams, snails, bamboo clams and other meats and vegetables. Free flow of beer (in bottles!) is also included in the price so you can really eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Mangkorn Seafood Beverages

Mangkorn Seafood Free Flow Beer

I am not kidding when I say that beer is also included in the buffet. Just grab what you can drink from the fridge. If this was KL, you will definitely need to top up to enjoy something similar.
Oddly enough, if you want to have coconut water you got to purchase it instead at ฿50 each. Doesn’t really make sense but that’s how it is here.
During our visit, there were two choices of beer: Chang and Singha Light which retail between between ฿45 to ฿50 a bottle in their 7-eleven.

Mangkorn Seafood Thailand Blue Crabs

Mangkorn Seafood Snails and Seabass

Mangkorn Seafood Local Oysters

Mangkorn Seafood Bangkok Clams

Based on my research before we came, Mangkorn Seafood used to serve salmon, slipper lobster and sashimi too. As you can see, we did not get any of those items. So I am guessing they actually rotate the seafood selection because I read that some previous customers didn’t get the scallops, but we did.

Mangkorn BBQ Seafood Buffet Bangkok

Mangkorn Seafood Scallops

Mangkorn Seafood Baked Seabass

Grilled River Prawns

Mangkorn Seafood BBQ Razor Clams

Among all the seafood that we had (we skipped the snails and some clams) the frehwater prawns are undeniably our favorite, followed by crabs and scallops. The other seafood were alright, mainly because they were overshadowed by our favorites. Nonetheless, they all taste fresh by buffet standards.

Mangkorn Seafood 399 Baht Per Pax 90 minutes

Mangkorn Seafood Taking River Prawns

Mangkorn Seafood Raw River Prawns

    And here are some other things about Mangkorn Seafood worth noting:

  • There’s a time limit of 90 minutes (as pictured above, in Chinese words) to enjoy the buffet.
  • Each person is charged ฿4 per minute after that, on top of the ฿399.
  • The buffet is replenished consistently, no need to be ‘kiasu’ here.
  • The seafood are either chilled or frozen. Quality is still great though, and better than what you get in KL for the same price.
  • Overall, the seafood tasted kind of repetitive since there’s only 1 dipping sauce. You can try to mix your own though. Some customers actually sprinkled salt, and even boiled the seafood with beer using the aluminium foil from the fish. Get creative.
  • The seafood are not cleaned (with internal organs still intact), so you will have to do it yourself.
  • It’s open from 4pm till 4am, which is one of the reasons we came. We had a relaxing supper from 12am to 2am.
  • I suggest that you leave this as the last activity of your day as not smell like a walking charcoal grill.
  • This is not the cheapest nor the best seafood BBQ buffet in Bangkok – just the first I tried. There are plenty other similar seafood BBQ buffets in Bangkok with the same modus operandi but they don’t open till so late, plus their locations are quite far.

Mangkorn Seafood BBQ Buffet

Mangkorn Seafood BBQ Buffet Restaurant Bangkok

Mangkorn Seafood Restaurant BBQ Buffet

To reach Mangkorn Seafood, I recommend taking the MRT and exit at Thailand Cultural Centre. Then you can either take a taxi or use GrabCar to get to the restaurant by showing them the Thai address listed below. The journey is only about 15 minutes and should not cost you not more than ฿60.

Mangkorn Seafood

1394 Pracha Songkhro Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok
Thai address: 1394 ตรงข้าม ซ.ประชาสงเคราะห์ 21 เข้าทางตลาดห้วยขวาง, เขตดินแดง, กรุงเทพฯ
Tel: 083-096-6379
Business hours: 4pm – 4am

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