Pier 21 Food Court @ Terminal 21, Bangkok

Pier 21 Food Court Terminal 21 Bangkok
Pier 21 Food Court Terminal 21 Bangkok

Terminal 21 might not be the biggest nor the best shopping mall in Bangkok, but we found ourselves returning here several times during our short stay – mainly for the restaurants and food court. One unique feature of Terminal 21 is its airport concept so the staff is dressed in airline attendant uniforms. Retail shops are divided over 9 stories, in which each floor is designed to look like various famous parts of the world.



For example, the 2nd floor has a London theme where you will find the city’s iconic red telephone booths and double-decker busses, Tower Bridge and etc. M floor on the other hand is Paris themed and houses Thai designer boutiques and beauty shops.


Besides, you get to ride the longest escalator (36m) in Thailand too.


SF Cinema City could be foud at the Hollywood Themed 6th floor. The contemporary cinema has a stylish design, don’t you think?


As mentioned earlier, food was the main reason we visited Terminal 21. Since we had to pass Asok station (where Terminal 21 is accessible via the skywalk) everytime we travel to the city center and returning to our hotel at Bang Chak, the mall was a convenient place for us to have both dinner and breakfast. The food court called Pier 21 located at 5th floor (San Francisco theme) is thronged with locals and you could find a variety of cheap options that will definitely fit anyone’s budget.


What I like about this food court is its pre-paid card system, where you load a specific amount into the card to be used to buy meals. Any stored value in the card will be fully refunded when you leave, or you could even keep it for future visits. For first timers, 100-200 baht would be sufficient for a satisfying meal here.


The spacious seating area is surrounded by glass which gives you a perfect view of the city. And here are some photos of the various stalls available at Pier 21. The variety is good – quite standard for any shopping mall’s food court if you ask me.

Pier 21 Mixed-Rice-Stall

Pier 21 Chinese-BBQ-Stall

Pier 21 Duck-Noodle-Stall

We sampled a few dishes and we were pleased that all of them tasted very good. Throughout the trip I think we did not encounter any bad food, nor anything below average while eating out in Bangkok.


Pad Thai

Pier 21 Durian-Glutinous-Rice

Sticky rice with durian and coconut cream, this dessert is freaking delicious.

Pier 21 Braised-Duck-Noodle

Duck noodle soup

Pier 21 California-Bridge

A replica of the famous Golden Gate Bridge is just outside the food court, pretty cool. I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss taking a photo with this.


So the bottom line question is… is Terminal 21 worth a visit? Yes for me because of its refreshing concept and convenience of location. We also prefer Terminal 21 to the other larger shopping malls in the city center – say Central World Plaza as the crowd here is smaller with less tourists, thus giving you more space to move around comfortably.

Terminal 21 (alight at Asok (BTS) or Sukhumvit (MRT) station)
Sukhumvit Rd, Watthana,
Bangkok, Thailand

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    • We didn’t see many branded stuff there. Terminal 21 is equivalent to Sunway Pyramid
      For branded stuff you might find Siam Paragon a better place, it is our Starhill Gallery equivalent

  1. :) During my trip, as I was the one in charge in planning itinerary. I added “Visit to Terminal 21” in it, and all just to visit the washroom in each level :P. Had a blast cam-whoring in the washroom


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