Sirichai Pork Leg Rice (Khao Kha Moo) @ Huai Khwang

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Huai Khwang Pork Noodle and Rice Shop

Huai Khwang is one of the many districts in Bangkok located at the east of the city centre. Accessible by MRT, Huai Khwang is not only a hot spot for food, it is also notorious for having a high concentration of massage parlors offering ‘soapy’ services.
While you’re here, it’s not surprising to bump into scantily clad ladies who are either shopping for clothes or having a meal. But since this is a food blog, I shall leave that to your own imagination.
For those who prefer to eat at sit down restaurants, you have a couple of options that locals actually frequent. One of them is called Sirichai and they are known for serving good Pork Leg Rice (Khao Kha Moo), Kuay Jap and grilled chicken.

Huai Khwang Pork Leg Rice

The Pork Leg Rice @ THB60 is a signature dish here and you can’t go home without trying it. The generous potion of stewed pork laid on the rice is fork-tender and the sauce is simply delicious. If you can’t have enough of it, the pork leg is also available (without rice) from THB100 onwards.

Huai Khwang Pork Koay Zap

Sirichai’s Kuay Jap Nam Sai (pork noodle rolls) @ THB40 is another dish I’d recommend trying unless you are uncomfortable with eating pork innards.
The bowl is not entirely filled with offal though, as pork meat and crispy pork belly are also included. It’s pretty similar, in fact, essentially the same thing you get in Malaysia which we usually refer to as ‘Koay Zhap’ or ‘Koay Teow Kia’.

Huai Khwang Seafood Tom Yum

Tom Yum Seafood

We also had a Tom Yum Seafood @ THB150 which exceeded our expectations by a long shot. It might look spicy but the level of heat is just right to let you enjoy the flavors that come through.
The seafood was exceptionally fresh too because there’s a fresh market at the end of the street which makes it easy to source for quality ingredients.

Huai Khwang Boiled Cockles

Almost every table in the restaurant had a serving of boiled cockles. We took that as a cue that is should be good – and it was!
A portion like this cost THB100 and they were a lot bigger than what we had at Jae Koy. The tangy green chili dip was probably what made all the difference. It wasn’t just spicy without any other taste.

Huai Khwang Thai Restaurant

Huai Khwang Thai Pork Leg Rice Noodle Restaurant

Huai Khwang Pork Noodle Pork Leg Rice Restaurant

To look for this place, simply follow the road leading into the night market from the famous Ganesh (Elephant God) shrine. You can also use Noi Seafood as a landmark since they are just next to each other.

Sirichai Pork Leg Rice ศิริชัย

Pracha Songkhro Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok
Business hours: 4pm – 6am

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