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Took Lae Dee @ Foodland Supermarket


Took Lae Dee, which means cheap and good in Thai is a well known restaurant in the country that can be found within any Foodland supermarket. As you would have expected, all the food are prepared with fresh ingredients they get from the supermarket.

Took Lae Dee Foodland Bangkok

It looks and feels like an American diner and the menu features enough options (Thai, Asian and Western) to keep everyone happy. American breakfast is a hit among those looking for a hangover cure, as you get two eggs with ham, toast, jam and butter, a glass of juice and coffee or tea for only THB79. Better still, if you come during the happy hours between 5.30am and 9am, the set is even cheaper at THB62.

Took Lae Dee Steak with Salad

But we did not come here because we had a hangover. We just wanted to check out the place for ourselves after hearing so many things about it. Besides, it’s also one of the few 24-hour restaurants where you could get a proper sit down meal. I had the Minute Steak topped with Fried Egg + Salad @ THB154 and honestly, it looked a lot better than what I had in mind.

Took Lae Dee Steak with Egg

For a steak that’s so thin it’s easy to overcook it but it actually came out pretty good. The meat was tender and tasted well with the brown sauce. Nothing to complain about for the price.

Took Lae Dee Tom Yum Seafood

SL had the Tom Yum Kung with Rice @ THB144 which I thought was a bad choice at the time of ordering. However, I was swiftly proven wrong when I had a taste of it.
Although it’s not as great as those you get at a local Thai eatery, it was tasty enough to make us wipe the plate clean. Also, you can’t see it from the photo, but there was quite a handful of seafood and mushroom in the soup.

Foodland Supermarket Bangkok

All in all, Took Lae Dee is worth a visit just for the experience sake – it is after all one of the most popular restaurant chain in Thailand. There are more than a dozen Foodland outlets in Bangkok alone, but FYI the one we went to is located in Patpong district.

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