Anusarn Market – Food & Walking Street @ Chiang Mai

Anusarn Market Night Bazaar Chiang Mai Thailand
Anusarn Market Night Bazaar Chiang Mai Thailand

Anusarn Market Night Market

Chiang Mai is an ideal destination for a few days to soak up the atmosphere. After spending the day exploring the various temples and trekking in the surrounding mountains, it’s time for a relaxing stroll in the night bazaar and markets.

Anusarn Market Main Entrance

Anusarn Market Chiang Mai Shopping

Anusarn Market is one of the highly recommended markets to visit and spend a few good hours. Not only it’s easy to find, it’s also open every night so there’s no planning ahead required to drop by.

Ice Cream Stall

Seafood Grill Stall Chiangmai

Roti Pancake Chiangmai

If you are looking for cheap, wonderful and authentic local food then this is the place to be. There are quite a number of halal food stalls around too, albeit most of them selling the same thing – roti pancake.

Anusarn Market Food Stalls Chiangmai

Anusarn Market Food Stalls

For those looking for a sit-down meal, you can walk deeper into the market where you will see a food court of sorts. Of course there are many proper restaurants around but they are obviously catered to tourists.

Anusarn Market Thai Food Stall

After surveying the options available, eventually we settled for this stall in the middle. Most of the customers are locals and it appeared popular among the students too. English menu is available, but it’s probably faster to just point at the dishes you want to order.

Stir Fried Kailan with Roast Pork

Prawn Curry

Anusarn Market Seafood Tomyam

Anusarn Market Fried Noodle

Some of the things we had include: Stir Fried Kailan with Crispy Pork (70 Baht), Yellow Curry with Prawn (80 Baht), Tom Yum Kung (80 Baht) and Fried Mama Noodle with Seafood (80 Baht).
Although we expected the food to be good, the meal went above our expectations. Everything tasted fresh and delicious. In fact this was one of the best meals we had during our trip, the other being our lunch at Tharnthong Lodges.

Anusarn Market Side Entrance

Kalare Night Bazaar

Kalare Night Bazaar Arts

Kalare Night Bazaar Chiang Mai

Kalare Night Bazaar Food Center

After that, we stuck around to shop for clothes (good quality, I am still wearing it) and souvenirs at the Kalare Night Bazaar nearby. If you are not into shopping, and feel like doing something unusual, you can catch the Chiang Mai Cabaret Show which is located at the back of the market. The admission price is affordable considering it’s only 290 Baht including a drink.

Anusarn Market

Chang Klan Road, T. ChangKlan, A. Muang, Chiang Mai
Open daily from 5pm till midnight

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