Ruam Mit @ Ton Lamyai Market, Chiang Mai

Ruam Mit Ton Lamyai Market Chiang Mai
Ruam Mit Ton Lamyai Market Chiang Mai

Thailand is simply superior when it comes to desserts. Some Thai desserts that we are so accustomed to eating such as mango sticky rice, coconut ice cream and red ruby are easily and readily available over there – either sold in restaurant or by street food vendor.
But Ruam Mit is what we really crave (after having something similar in Cambodia and Vietnam) and we always keep an eye out for it. So when we finally spotted a stall selling it during our walkabout in Ton Lamyai market, we simply couldn’t resist the urge to try it out.

Ruam Mit Stall Ton Yamlai Market

Ruam Mit is a mixed dessert in thick coconut milk, topped with shaved ice to make it chilled. Think of it as a somewhat richer and more elaborate version of cendol with a dozen more colorful toppings but minus the gula Melaka. All the ingredients are premixed in a big stainless stell bowl though, so constant stirring is required to prevent the coconut milk from coagulating.

Ruam Mit Chiang Mai

Since there’s no set recipe to follow, each stall has their own ingredients. But Ruam Mut usually consists of coconut flesh, chestnuts (rubies), beans, jackfruit, tapioca balls, grass jellies, salim (colorful sweet vermicelli noodles), cendol and corn.
Every mouthful is always accompanied by a different texture and flavor so you don’t get bored of eating it. It’s incredibly cheap too, a bowl is only 15 baht.

Mango Sticky Rice Chiang Mai

Based on what we saw on the simple handwritten menu hanging behind the stall, they should have more goodies to offer. But since we can’t read Thai, we just had what the other customers were having – Mango Sticky Rice @ 40 baht.
Among the handful of Mango Sticky Rice we had during our trip to Chiang Mai, this was the best tasting one – simply awesome.

Snack Bread Stall Ton Lamyai Market

Besides desserts, the stall also sell a whole lot of other stuff like bread, cakes, cookies, drinks and even toys. It’s like a peculiar mini mart of sorts.

Ton Lamyai Dessert Stall

Due to the tight area, you are left with literally inches of space to eat which will be quite inconvenient. Other than that, the experience was great and we were glad we did not brush off the idea of eating here despite being really stuffed from all the food we had earlier.
Personally, I highly recommend a visit to this dessert stall if you happen to be at Ton Lamyai market, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Ton Lamyai Market Chiang Mai

The stall is located right next to the market’s entrance, you can’t miss it.

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