Bought a new camera!

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We finally did it! After months of planning Siang Leng and I shared the cost to purchase the DSLR camera we had always wanted, the Canon Powershot S3IS. This is like a dream come true for us :) We bought the camera from Fotocam in Perangin Mall. These are the breakdowns of our purchase:

  1. Camera – RM1600 (Retail price is RM1899)
  2. 4 x AA sized hahnel rechargeable batteries (inclusive of charger) – RM85
  3. 1GB SD memory card – RM99
  4. Original Canon carrying bag – RM35
  5. Anti scratch/fungus protection cover for the lense – RM136
  6. Total – RM1850

We walked around the Komtar area, entering at least 8 camera shops to search for the best deal. Some had a higher price for the camera, but cheaper accessories and vice versa. We wanted to purchase from Lam Loong, which sells the camera at RM1590, and gives free bag and tripod. But too bad their store had closed :(
This is how the camera looks like. It weighs about half a kilogram.
The box and bag we bought.
Next day, we went to test out the camera’s photo taking abilites. Trying out the Super Macro feature using my mom’s orchid.
Check out the clarity of the drops of water!
Poor duck we had for lunch that day..
Bukit Mertajam, as seen from my house’s top floor. It was overcast at the time I took the photo.
A small village behind my house, also taken from the top floor. I love this camera!

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