C.E.O Burger @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong (Non Halal)

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The time is long overdue for the Kepong folks to have their own burger specialty joint. With the opening of C.E.O Burger at Plaza Menjalara, we finally have one. The name’s a bit cliche but that does not matter because the burgers are really quite awesome. Thanks to C.E.O Burger the F&B scene at Bandar Menjalara is a lot more lively now – at least it’s something else other than steamboat!


Choices are aplenty and distinct but the patties are limited to either beef or pork. The price starts from RM14.90 for a set including fries and a dollop of their “Magic Sauce” while drinks are purchased separately. The most expensive burger goes to the the Double Satisfaction @ RM23.90 for having double patties, bacon and cheese. The cheese could be customized and you have a selection of Swiss cheese, orange cheddar and mild cheddar which is the default. Pictured above is the beef Absolute A @ RM14.90 and pork Home Alone @ RM18.50.

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Hou Xiang 60s Chee Cheong Fun @ Bandar Sri Damansara, KL

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If there’s a worst service award for restaurants then Hou Xiang will definitely be one of the top contenders and probably win it as well. The staff is a bunch of incompetent blur sotongs and even the boss is a confused soul himself. All four different waiter and waitresses who attended us did the following during our short lunch:

  1. Got our table number wrong even though we pointed it out to him that it’s 18 not 19
  2. Got our orders wrong
  3. Brought food from another table to us
  4. The bill took 20 minutes to arrive and I had to remind 3 different staff including the boss himself who also forgot about it later – what a joke. I think they are just not bothered
  5. The wrong bill was given to us
  6. Change was given before we even paid, it was actually intended for another table [insert facepalm]

Moreover, the food is not even great to begin with – they are just cleverly disguised in vintage enamel wares for that gimmicky, nostalgic feel.


In all fairness their Chee Cheong Fun is alright, but not worth the anguish caused by the horrible service here.

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Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice @ Medan Selera Bandar Port Dickson

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Food is not the first thing that comes to mind when Port Dickson is mentioned. But in this sleepy town there is a chicken rice stall that you ought to try. I am referring to Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice that was blogged by WMW. Her recommendation was spot on but the lack of direction left us driving in circles looking for this elusive food stall. So do utilize the GPS coordinates I have given at the end of this post.


To be honest, Yit Hin’s chicken rice does not appear appetizing at first glance. It looks very different (from the ones we usually have) too because it is not drizzled with soya sauce and the unforgivingly spicy chilli sauce has a dark brown color instead of the usual bright red. But all that aside, you can’t deny that this is a unique, homely and tasty version of Hainan Chicken Rice you wish you knew existed.

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Kolo Mee @ Sin Lian Shin, Kuching

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It’s not hard to see why Sin Lian Shin‘s Kolo Mee holds a legendary status as one of the best among the Kuching folks. What’s not to like about the thin, springy noodles tossed in fragrant lard and garnished with flavorful minced meat? If you like Kolo Mee, this is as good as it gets – albeit the standard is said to have dropped recently.


The only thing that I disagree with is the red coloring char siew. I think it’s high time for the Kolo Mee vendors to move away from these horribly dry dyed meat and serve proper barbecued pork instead. Read More


TEN Japanese Fine Dining @ Marc Residence, KL

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TEN Japanese Fine Dining was one of the best restaurants at the recent TasteMIGF event and their tasting portions left us satisfied and impressed. Ever since after that, we had been longing to dine at their restaurant at Marc Residence KL.
But since TEN is a fine dining restaurant, pricing is expectedly on the higher side. Because of that we could not afford to just walk in whenever we want; a bit of planning is required. Which is why when LivingSocial launched a deal for TEN for a 3 course fine dining lunch for 2 pax, and much to our delight at an affordable price of RM168, we bought it in a heartbeat.


One thing you should probably know about TEN is that they only serve set meals for lunch while the la carte menu is available for dinner service only. Luckily the set is customizable so you could choose the number of courses according to your budget and appetite.
And as usual the meal starts off with an appetizer which is a medley of sashimi, mushroom and tofu in small servings. Both of us had a Chawanmushi with surprisingly lots of seafood too. Everything was pleasant but it was the fresh tasting sashimi that stood out.

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French Hotel @ Ipoh

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Location is the best thing about French Hotel.


This newly-refurbished boutique hotel is situated right smack in the center of Ipoh town and you could get to most places of interests (food wise) on foot. It costs about RM125 for a windowless, superior king room per night and I think it’s fair as long as you know what you’re getting.


The room is spacious enough just to accommodate the two of us, any smaller it’d be slightly uncomfortable. It includes the basic amenities, some which are essential to kill time such as the 32″ LCD TV with 5 Astro channels and complimentary Wifi. Breakfast is optional and you could choose either a Western or local set from the menu. We did not bother ordering any because we’re in Ipoh and there are plenty of places to eat!

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